Trading The First Pullback With The Magic-Entry-Indicator

Trading The First Pullback With The Magic-Entry-Indicator

7 May 2018, 15:38
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Professional Trading Style

The indicator "Strong Trends With Magic Entries" is an excellent tool to enter into strong moving markets. The timing of the entries should be done on the FIRST PULLBACK after the trend changed the direction.

The following sketches are showing what I mean:


The timing of the entry and the trade handling is time intensive. This is difficult to do with a normal day job.

Solution: Partly Automation With An EA

You can trade exactly these pullbacks mentioned above with the EdgeZone ExpertAdvisor with minimal effort. Instead of watching the chart for hours you need only seconds to activate the EA to execute the trade which you selected visually.

And the best part is you can get the EA for FREE if you purchase the indicator "Strong Trends With Magic Entries":

Strong Trends With Magic Entries

How To Get The EdgeZone ExpertAdvisor

Happy Customer Deal: If you purchased one of the indicator "Strong Trends With Magic Entries" and if you are happy with the tool, then please write a review for the product on

After that make a screenshot of the review and send the screenshot to the following email address:

If the email contains the screenshot then our support team will check within 24hours and you will get the EdgeZone_EA for FREE on top of the alerter/scanner-tool which you purchased here on

How The EdgeZone EA Works

In the following video you can see the complete functionality of the EdgeZone EA. Especially the parts of the video which show how you can enter into pullbacks is very interesting for you if you use the indicator "Strong Trends With Magic Entries":

The EdgeZone ExpertAdvisor which you will get is bound to 1 account number per day. You can switch to another account number once per day. If you purchased the unlimited version of the alerter/scanner-tool then the EA will be also usable for an unlimited time. If you rented the alerter/scanner-tool for 1 year then you will be also able to use the EA for 1 year.

Please note: If you don't get answer via email within 24 hours. Then please contact me via the system. Sometimes emails get blocked without any notification and then I need to give you the ExpertAdvisor via a different channel.

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