6 May 2018, 06:07
Sergey Deev

UniversalEA is a universal advisor designed to automate trading on the basis of a custom "indicator" indicator.

For example, take the popular indicator indicator from the market - PipFinite Trend Pro . It is necessary to determine the numbers of the required indicator buffers. To do this, we run the indicator in the strategy tester or place it on the chart (if it is already purchased) and open the data window. The author of the indicator took care of consumers - the name of the indicator buffer is displayed with the name. Interested in:

  • Buy Signal (8) - buy signal;
  • Sell ​​Segnal (9) - a signal for sale;
  • TP2 Price (13) - TP level;
  • TP1 (16) - signal for partial closing of the transaction.

Окно данных PipFinite Trend Pro

Next, you need to set values ​​to the desired parameters of the Expert Advisor. The most interesting parameters for us in this case are shown in the screenshot below. You can load settings from a linked set file.

Настройка UniversalEA

So, we asked: opening deals on BUY / SELL signals, setting take-profit at TP2, closing part of the volume at TP1 signal, closing the transaction on a reverse signal.

Now run the tester and watch the result

Description of the adviser's parameters:

  • startLot - initial volume when specifying a fixed value;
  • maxLot - the maximum volume of transactions in the calculation of risk or multiplication;
  • MaxRisk - maximum transaction risk (determines the order volume for the maximum loss in percentage of the deposit), does not work at zero stopLoss, cancels the use of startLot, 0 - not used;
  • Martin_factor - coefficient of multiplying the volume of a new order after receiving a loss (0 - not used);
  • stepProfit - profit step in points for partial closing of deals (0 - not used);
  • stepProfit_factor - the volume when partial orders are closed (0 - not used);
  • stopLoss - stop loss in points (0 - not used);
  • takeProfit - Take -profit in points (0 - not used);
  • noLoss - level of transfer to lossless in points (0 - not used);
  • noLoss_factor - level of transfer to lossless in fractions of SL (0 - not used);
  • trailStop - value of teiling in points (0 - not used);
  • trailStep - step of teiling in points (0 - not used);
  • DualOrders - permission to open sell-orders in the presence of active buy and vice versa;
  • UseAllSignals - permission of orders for all signals;
  • ProfitNum - minimum number of orders for closing on the total profit;
  • ProfitSumm - the amount of profit for closing orders;
  • minProfit_factor - the size of partial closing of orders;
  • minProfit_noLoss - to transfer to lossless at partial closing;
  • IndicatorName - the name of the indicator (without extension and paths);
  • openBuyBufferIndex - buffer for opening buy orders (-1 - not used);
  • takeProfitBuyBufferIndex - value buy-profit buffers for buy orders (-1 - not used);
  • stopLossBuyBufferIndex - buffer of the value of stop-loss orders for purchase (-1 - not used);
  • closeBuyBufferIndex - buffer for closing purchase orders (-1 - not used);
  • minProfetBuyBufferIndex - buffer for partial closing of purchase orders (-1 - not used);
  • openSellBufferIndex - buffer for opening orders for sale (-1 - not used);
  • takeProfitSellBufferIndex - value buy-profit buffer for orders (-1 - not used);
  • stopLossSellBufferIndex - buffer of the value of stop-loss orders for sale (-1 - not used);
  • closeSellBufferIndex - buffer for closing sell orders (-1 - not used);
  • minProfetSellBufferIndex - buffer for partial closing of orders for sale (-1 - not used);
  • BarIndex - bar index in the buffer;
  • useMaFilter - filtering permission for moving average signals;
  • MaFilterTimeFreme - time interval of the moving average;
  • MaFilterPeriod - the period of the moving average;
  • MaFilterMethot - moving average method;
  • MaFilterPrice - the moving average price;
  • useRsiFilter - filter resolution by the RSI indicator (sale when the value is higher than the high level, buy when below the lower one);
  • rsiFilterTimeFrafe, rsiFilterPeriod, rsiFilterPrice, rsiFilterLevel_UP, rsiFilterLevel_DOWN - RSI parameters;
  • useStochFilter - the resolution of the filter by the Stohastic indicator (selling when the value is above the top level, buying when below the lower one);
  • stochFilterTimeFrafe, stochFilterK, stochFilterD, stochFilterSlow, stochFilterMethod, stochFilterPrice, stochFilterLevel_UP, stochFilterLevel_DOWN - Stochastic parameters;
  • useParabolicFilter - the resolution of the filter by the Parabolic SAR indicator (selling when the value is above the candle, buying when below the candle);
  • parabolicFilterTimeFrafe, parabolicFilterStep, parabolicFilterMax - SAR parameters
  • useStdFilter - the filter resolution by the StdDev indicator (trade when the value is higher than the specified value and moves up);
  • stdFilterTimeFrafe, stdFilterPeriod, stdFilterLevel, stdFilterMethod, stdFilterPrice - StdDev parameters
  • useMacdFilter - filter resolution by MACD indicator (buy - when the signal line is lower than the main line, the sale is higher);
  • macdFilterTimeFrafe, macdFilterFast, macdFilterSlow, macdFilterSignal, macdFilterPrice
  • CustomEventBuy - custom event for purchase (0 - not used)
  • CustomEventSell - custom event for sale (0 - not used)
  • timeStart - the hour of commencement of trade (0 .. 23);
  • timeEnd - the end time of the trade (0 .. 23);
  • slippage - slippage in points;
  • MAGIC - identifier;
  • useMail - permission of messages to e-mail;
  • useNotification - resolution of messages on the mobile device;
  • messageText - message text;
  • TesterAutoTradeWeek - allowing an automatic signal to buy weekly in the strategy tester.
  • useButton - allows the display of the Buy / Sell buttons
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