Safe Martingale Strategy

Safe Martingale Strategy

24 April 2018, 07:48
Hitesh Arora

What is Martingale?

Please refer these blogs to understand this strategy.

How to do it safely?

  1. Avoid News time: Most of the martingale strategy blow accounts at the news time. So it’s better to stop trading at-least 1 day before any major fundamental news.
  2. Avoid Volatile Pair: The more volatile the pair, the more is the risk. Ignore pairs like GBPJPY, EURNZD, and GBPAUD.
  3. Avoid over-trading: Don’t leave martingale to run forever. If you find a good trade run it once, get some profits and stop.
  4. Equity Protection: Set your maximum loss and stick with it. After getting some profits you may increase your risk appetite.

How are we using it?

  • Trading in following pairs: NZDCHF, AUDCHF, AUDNZD, and EURGBP.
  • Stop trading in pairs, 1 or 2 days before the major events.
  • Trend Trading: Look for the major trend in H1 chart and prefer to trade in that direction.
  • Movement Trading: Look for an opportunity when a pair shows a quick movement into a single direction.

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