SR_beholder  tutorial

SR_beholder tutorial

16 April 2018, 17:24
Wenyang Wu

   Install and setup

1   When you have downloaded the "SR_beholder", Add it to your chart.  

2   When you finish the first step,then add SR_beholder to your chart again.  Now your have two "SR_heholder" in one chart.

3    Modifying the parameters " Second_beholder " of the second “SR_beholder" ,Change false to TRUE


Now,  you have done with install of SR_beholder.


  • Barcount   :  How many K bars are needed to be calculated   ( leave it to Default )
  • Etimer : Time interval of indicator calculation   ( suggestion:  2 to 5)
  • H4_highcolor \ H4_lowcolor \ Day_highcolor \ Day_lowcolor \ Current_highcolor \ lowcolor :  The color of the SR lines. (Please set up with your favor)
  • other settings :  leave it to Default  

  How to use


 It is  easy!    If the price move up and close to the line , sell order.

                      If the price falls and close to the line, buy order.

  •  Period: M5  M30  H1   (Do not use it above H1,the SR_beholder not designed for more than  H1)
  •  Currency pairs: Hot pairs  like: EUR/USD   XAUUSD   GBP/JPY and so on
  •  Suit for: Short-term trading / Better in shocking markets /  Martingale trading 



Please read the picture carefully.

If the price has been close to a line in the near future, when the price is close to this line again, do not enter.

Enter at the next line.

Do not trade in high risk news events!  Example : Non farm employment population //  CPI  //  Interest rate resolution  and so on.

  Multi line zone


The "Multi line zone" means two or more lines are very close, these lines are made up the "Multi line zone"

The "Multi line zone" has very strong resistance and support.  We strongly suggest to enter at the  "Multi line zone"

 Stoploss &  takeprofit & Trade


Stoploss :stoploss at the next Multi line zone  when you enter the markets

Takeprofit : takeprofit at the next Multi line zone  when you enter the markets

Trading: We highly suggest to enter at the  "Multi line zone"    and read    attention:  above.

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