XRP Ripple Made 22,000% Gain Last Year

2 January 2018, 09:16
Ahmad Hassam

Everyone is going crazy for Bitcoins while few know about Ripple.

Last year Ripple made a tremendous gain of 22,000% making it the best cryptocurrency.

Ripple (XRP) ended last year as the second cryptocurrencysurpassing Ethereum.

In January last year XRP was trading around $0.006 (less than one cent).

It ended the year around $2 making a gain of around 22,000%.

I have written a blog post in which I explain in detail Ripple and the technology behind it.

Ripple Protocol is very different from Bitcoin blockchain.

I believe Ripple has far more potential than Bitcoin.

As traders it is always a good idea to do some fundamental analysis.

It can help you make better long term predictions.

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