When to breakup with the Stock

When to breakup with the Stock

6 October 2017, 14:59

The vast majority of investment advice is geared towards buying, ie., how and when to buy a particular stock. However, while buying stocks at the right time and right price is vital – simply because the buy price is one of the factors to determine the return on any investment — it is equally important to exit your stock investment or sell a particular stock at the right price and right time in a bid to maximise returns or avoid any losses.

Here are 10 signs when you need to sell a stock:

1. Buy low, sell high: It sounds simple, right? On the contrary, investing in stocks is a speculative phenomenon, where rise and fall are two sides of the same coin. Yet, “a moderate fall is treated as the death-knell for the bull market. Therefore, it is wise to sell your stocks when the prices are high, and buy stocks when the prices are low,” says Kaushlendra Singh Sengar, Founder & CEO, Advisory Mandi.

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