Being disciplined is hard

26 July 2017, 18:28
Ernestas Kvedaras

Yes, it is.

At least for me for the past month or two… I don't even check my charts once throughout the day recently. One of the reasons I see is, that my day job is quite intense now. I have huge tasks to do and deadlines. Although I don't say it's annoying. I like my job. 

Anyway, excuses are not the solution. I admit I'm guilty of not updating my trading tools fast enough; not checking my charts regularly and not posting into my blog.

I see that I can't trade hourly or 4 hour charts efficiently, therefore I will backtest again and try to switch to daily timeframe, because the only other solution is to quit my day job and dive all in into this. However, that requires a lot of savings which I don't have.

I don't know if this is some kind of burnout or something. I feel like I need a reset. Maybe upcoming first holiday since last summer will help and I will regain my motivation and excitement. In any case, I will never stop trying!


Until next time, Ernestas.

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