USD/SEK Long Trade With 26 Pips Stop Loss And 2000 Pips Take Profit

9 April 2017, 07:40
Ahmad Hassam

USD/SEK is an exotic pair. SEK is the Swedish Krona.

Sweden has a strong economy. In the last few days USD/SEK has been in a strong uptrend.

Read this post in which I explain in detail a recent USD/SEK long trade with stop loss 26 pips.

Take profit is 2300 pips. Now you should not get too excited to think that you made 2300 pips.

Pip value varies from pair to pair. For USD/SEK one pip comes out to around $1 with one standard lot.

So making 2300 pips with 1 standard lot means making around $2300. It is almost like making 250 pips with EURUSD.

But this is important. 26 pips stop loss on EURUSD means a risk of $260 if you use 1 standard lot.

In case of USD/SEK, 26 pips is equal to $26 approx so your risk with 1 standard lot is just $26.

What this means? USD/SEK is 10 times less risking than pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY etc.

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