USD/CNY Is Becoming Popular With Day Traders

7 April 2017, 06:58
Ahmad Hassam

USD/CNY is available for trading with my brokers. CNY is the Chinese Yuan.

International Monetary Fund included Yuan in its list of international reserve currencies.

The list of international reserve currencies now includes USD, EURO, GBP, JPY and CNY.

With the rise of China as an economic power this was inevitable.

If you check the economic news calendar daily you will find CNY news now.

Some day traders are making a killing trading exotic pairs like USD/CNY.

Read this post in which I explain why USD/CNY is becoming popular with day traders.

The more pairs you trade the most trading opportunities you have.

You don't need a new trading strategy to trade with these exotic pairs.

Exotic pairs are the new frontier in forex trading.

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