Saturn Signal Prop Firm EA

Saturn Signal Prop Firm EA

3 June 2023, 20:08
Ridzq Adnan Cikal

Introducing the Ultimate Forex Robot: Your Path to Prop Firm (FTMO) Trading

     Are you ready to unlock the potential of the Forex market and enhance your trading strategy? Look no further! My state-of-the-art Forex robot is designed to assist traders in making the best possible decisions, aiming to maximize performance in the dynamic world of currency trading.

  Please note that trading involves risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results.

It's essential to exercise caution and employ risk management while using my Forex robot.

Live signals:

Link to MT5 version :

Link to MT4 version:

Primary features of Saturn Signal:

  • Smart Decision-Making: My Forex robot employs advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology to analyze market conditions and trends. Saturn Signal EA continuously strives to make intelligent decisions based on extensive market analysis and historical data.
  • Reliable Performance: With its exceptional track record, this Forex robot has gained recognition among traders worldwide. Backed by a team of experts in algorithmic trading, it is equipped to adapt to changing market conditions, providing you with a competitive edge.
  • Range Trading Expertise: Saturn Signal robot specializes in Range Trading, leveraging the volatility and price movements within specific market ranges. Through meticulous analysis, it identifies optimal entry and exit points, aiming to capitalize on price fluctuations and generate consistent returns.
  • Price Increase for Sustainability: As a responsible provider, we have implemented a price increase mechanism to combat overpopulation in the market over time. By maintaining a limited number of users, we ensure that our clients continue to receive top-notch support and maximize their trading potential.
  • Prop Firm Challenges: Looking to pass prop firm challenges? My Forex robot is designed to help you meet and conquer these challenges. By providing a reliable and efficient trading tool, it assists traders in meeting the strict requirements and achieving consistent performance to succeed in prop firm evaluations.
  • Best Time-frame for Optimal Performance: Saturn Signal robot operates on the highly regarded H1 time-frame, which has proven to be the most suitable for capturing reliable trading opportunities. By analyzing the hourly charts, it ensures timely decision-making and allows you to make the most of the market's movements.

Main EA parameters:

  1. Make sure that you enabled the "Allow Algo Trading" check box

     2. Symbols

  • Suffix: The suffix used by the broker on symbol names.
  • Prefix: The prefix used by the broker on symbol names.
  • All symbols to trade: List of symbols to trade.

     3. Position Settings

  • Reliability of Signals: Reliability level for signals to be taken, the higher the value the less entries but, better trades
  • Comment for positions: Comment to be added to the positions.
  • Magic Input: Unique identifier for positions.
  • Maximum Allowed Spread: Maximum allowed spread for trade execution. Set to -1 for no limitation.
  • Position_long_short: Type of position to take (long, short, or both).
  • Correct SL & TP (FTMO Specific): Whether to correct stop loss and take profit levels for FTMO challenges.
  • Hour to close trades on Friday (FTMO Specific): Hour to close all trades on Fridays for FTMO challenges.

     4. Risk Settings (For Prop Firm Applications)

  • Source for dynamic risk calculation: Method used to calculate dynamic risk.
  • Value for fixed lot: Fixed lot size. Set to -1 to use dynamic risk.
  • Dynamic risk (percent): Percentage of account balance to use for dynamic risk calculation.

     5. Management (For Prop Firm Applications)

  • Open new position on same pair: Whether to open new positions on the same currency pair.
  • Open only one position per candle: Whether to open only one position per candle.
  • Maximum Drawdown allowed before closing all: Maximum Drawdown allowed before closing all positions.
  • Maximum total lots: Maximum total lots allowed for all positions.

     6. Trade On Friday

  • Friday start hour: Start hour for trading on Fridays.
  • Friday end hour: End hour for trading on Fridays.
  • Friday close hour: Hour to close all trades on Fridays.

     7. Alerts

  • Show alerts: Whether to show alerts on chart for important events

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