Current best trading strategies starting from scracth. My true story into the fabulous world of Trading

Current best trading strategies starting from scracth. My true story into the fabulous world of Trading

22 February 2017, 14:31
Francesco Fava

In this particular trading market, I have analyzed it for several months. I started from a bottom up academic approach, that is to say I tried to study the theory on which market flows work. With the help of a good technical book on Forex analysis, I have learned from scratch the basis of market movements, on currencies only.

You could ask me while focusing my attention only on partial view of strategical market? Simply, I think that, like in any other science (and I consider Economic Market as science) and perhaps with the underground of my studies (I'm an IT Engineer), it is absolutely necessary to start from the basis, from the fundamentals even if this activity time to time may be boring. I know very well.

Soon arrved a moment in which my hands itch but I've had to wait before loosing money or worse, loose my trust in this science.

In that moment I decided to enter into market without real money (I couldn't), following one of the many groups, lessons and seminar available on the Net.

After several months following one/two hour per week seminar and experincing by myself, I decided to put in action what I learned. A total disaster! Fire and burns on all my accounts.
Again simply.... I have not used my feel, I blindy followed any of many strategies proposed.

Step two was to try a robot... Yes, I real Expert Advisor. On the Net there are full of robots that promise you with miracles, promise you to become rich in a month.... Completely FALSE! Scam, what in Italy we call 'bufale'.

A robot, doesn't matter if it sold against payment of money or subscribing to a broker or giving you for free, is at the end, only a computer program. And a computer program has not an heart, it cannot feel and taste the market.

So, starting after months and months of tries and disappointment, luckly after loosing few money purchasing EA or loosing trades, after involving some traveling companions, months and years passed inesorably.

At the end, starting from 2017, I decided to write, enforce and publish a new signal managed in a semi-automatic way, in order to profit from power and precision of IT system and inject the feel, that feel I told you previously into a cold and concrete system.

Now, back to reasons that lead me to last choice:

I observed the market, the currencuies (especially EURUSD and GBPUSD but also USDCAD and USDJPY) and I have had the feel that market is in the last 2/3 years becames completely unpredictable.

1) There are large movements (many figures at time) without any apparent reasons (also during night time)

2) Good and bad News sometimes moves few capitals even if are important news

3) News sometimes  move completely against the result of news itself for few time (10 minutes, half an hour) and moving in the right direction after that. In this way many of traders remain trapped inside like a bug in a gear

4) It is quite probably to have spikes and gaps (especially during market closure for weekend) 

It appears markets as Roller Coaster more and more....

Who makes this kind of "strange" market movements ? First of all Banks, big Banks and Institutional actors (Brokers and Trader companies). The so called 'Strong Hands'.

How to cope with this ?

Simply again..... Trying to react in time, BEFORE things happen, closing low loosing positions in time before the hole could become large and without trust from market. Better to remain hold without exposure rather than loosing money earned very hardly. And best of best..... using your BRAIN, don't using only EA but managing the operation of EA. Always checking carefully your positions and analyzing always all possible exits before the fire.

This is simply what I tried day-by-day to use in my remaining signals, for which I always try to enforce a conservative strategy and put on a safe what you earned.




p.s. If you want to start a fruitful discussion on arguments of this post, feel free to comment on this site, I'll be always available in a complete openness that distinguish myself.




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