China August trade balance +346bn yuan

14 September 2016, 18:21
Eko Rediantoro
The yuan terms trade balance (USD terms will come out soon following) August trade surplus of 346bn yuan expected 373bn yuan surplus, prior 342.8bn) Exports +5.9% y/y (expected +2.9%, prior 2.9%) ... BEAT Imports +10.8% y/y (expected +0.7%, prior -5.7%) ... BEAT Awaiting the USD terms ... the lower yuan will have impacted the 'yaun terms' data, in particular boosting the exports result OK, here are the USD terms: Surplus of 52.05bn USD (expected $58.85bn, prior $52.31bn) Exports -2.8% y/y (expected -4%, prior -4.4%)
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