US Presidential Election Series: Allegations of conspiracy theory puts to rest after Hillary Clinton faints at 9/11 cere

12 September 2016, 15:12
Eko Rediantoro

The mainstream allegations that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is not well and some called that she isn’t fit to become the President of the United States. So far, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the media favoring her candidacy called those allegations as conspiracy theories intended to benefit Republican Candidate Donald Trump. But those conspiracy theory allegations were put to rest on Sunday, when she had to abruptly end her appearance at the 9/11 ceremony, where many dignitaries were present, including Republican nominee Donald Trump.

A video, which is streaming on YouTube, clear shows that she was stumbling and fumbling while trying to board her vehicle. She also reportedly lost her shoe, while trying to board the vehicle. After almost an hour of no news on her whereabouts and conditions, her Doctor commented that she got over-heated during the ceremony and she has been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, “On Friday, during follow-up evaluation of her prolonged cough, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. She was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. While at this morning’s event, she became overheated and dehydrated. I have just examined her and she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely.”

She has been diagnosed with a rare blood clot in her brain in 2012 and reportedly there has suffered seizures and nerve attacks. For months now, many political analysts and mainstream media have accused her of not being fit. They say, that Hillary Clinton has been hiding her deteriorating health conditions and this Sunday event shows that they could be right. Pneumonia is not fatal but the fact that her camp hid this from public eye only pours fuel to the allegations on the hiding.

Being President of the united States is a serious business and both of the candidates should come out with their proper medical records before the November election.


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