High Impact News Trade EA (Free)

High Impact News Trade EA (Free)

9 August 2016, 18:47
Pankaj D Costa

Attached EA updated. Pls go to this link and get most update EA.



Dear Forex Trader,

Hope you are fine and your trading is going well. 
I had developed one of my favorite EA for high impact news trade.
For news trade, all brokers are not suitable due to lot of conditions but one broker is there where you are allow to enjoy the best trading environment. 

I am strongly recommend you to see this broker's review and open an account to use this EA. This EA specially developed for this broker's platform: https://goo.gl/KV6iHe

Read Review for this broker:

Wish you all the best and happy trading.
If you need any help, reply me.

Attached: EA

Stop Loss: 200 (20 pips)
Take Profit: 500 (50 Pips)
SL & TP can use as per your choice and news importance. 

Thanks & Best Regards,
D Costa

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