Update EA for News Trading

Update EA for News Trading

12 August 2016, 16:03
Pankaj D Costa


Update: See the live trade: https://youtu.be/XtzRRnawg90

Dear Friends,

In my previous post, I had provided one free EA for demo testing during high impact news time. I had used that EA in my live account, EA catched 4 trades, closed 2 trades in profit and 2 trades in loss, loss is more than profit. That's why modified that EA and today test in my demo account during USD high impact news released time and got a positive result. So, I am giving here the most update EA for your own testing. See some details about this EA.

 1. EA will place 1 buy stop & 1 sell stop order.

2. Buy order will be placed 8 pips gap from ask price and Sell order will be 8 pips gap from bid price.

3. Both order will be modify on every trick. Simple or normal spike will not touch these order because EA coding is very light and super fast.

4. If EA execute one order, another order will be freeze and will not modify. So, if market gives false spike, EA will take both order and account will be safe, in this case, we have to accept 8 + 8 = 16 pips loss. This is not a big pain. But if we get real spike, we will be in a good profit.

5. In this update, no need to use stop loss or take profit. We have both side order and that will safe our account. If luck favor and get 1 trade, that profit we can take as per our own choice or can hold for a long time (Based on news result). In this case, manually can place stop loss at break even and oposite order should be delete and EA also must be switched off or delete from chart.

How this EA can make profit, today I got idea from live trade (Demo). You are requested to use it in demo account first to understand. Personally I had tried this EA in 4 brokers, all brokers pushed my order with slippage but only Pepperstone allowed from the exact price. So, I am requesting you, if you want to get perfect and profitable result, you must try this in Pepperstone broker. Pepperstone is a true ECN broker. I love Razor account due to very low spread and small commission. You can try in demo first. 

Again I am repeat, you never can get exact result from others brokers / market maker brokers.

Note: I am attaching here my Free EA. This can be run in any demo or real account or can check in back test. (Valid till one month i.e. 12th September).

Image: 18th Aug - GBP news real account test in Pepperstone

 GBPNews Trade


 You can open account from here: www.pepperstone.com  (If you open account from my link, EA will be life time free.)  

If you like to know more about this broker, can read review from this link: http://www.pip2pips.com/perfect-forex-broker

Attached: Free EA

Can use with default settings, just can change lot as per your choice. 

Thanks & Best Regards,
Pankaj D Costa
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