CFTC commitment of traders: Little change in net positions in the current week.

2 July 2016, 06:30
Sherif Hasan

Weekly positioning data from the CFTC for Forex futures as of the close on June 28

  • EUR 62K short versus short 61K last week.  Short increased by 1K
  • GBP 43K short versus short 52K last week.  Shorts cut by 9K 
  • JPY 60K long versus long 52K last week. Longs increased by +8K on the week.
  • CHF 11K long versus long 15K last week.  Longs cut by -4K on the week.
  • CAD 8K long versus long 3K last week.  Longs increased by +5K on the week
  • AUD 2K short versus short 7K last week. Shorts cut by 5K on the week
  • NZD 3K short versus short 3K last week. No change on the week
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