This is an absolute gamechanger

24 June 2016, 06:15
Sherif Hasan

Never has change come so swiftly and unexpectedly

It's over. It's all done but the counting.

They'll try to hang the pollsters but who cares. The vote is in and it's wide enough that I don't see any way for Cameron to wiggle out of it. I mean, Tsipras ignored a referendum but that was a different story.

The best he can try to do is push out the timeline and hope for a miracle. Or Osborne could follow through on his promise to raise taxes after a Brexit vote and somehow try to get it through Parliament and punish the public so badly they change their mind.

I thought Britons would get scared. Credit to the Leave side, they were inspired. Britain decided to chart its own course and go against the grain. I don't think they'll be the last ones.

That's why this is so much more important than Britain. Globalization is about to go into reverse. The public was told it would bring wealth. And it did but only for the few.

A new social contract is being forged. Obviously, it will take more than a Brexit to confirm it but it's a heck of a start.

It's also the kind of thing that makes a fund manager tell his team to sell everything.

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