I can't believe its Thursday already ... and that I'll have to wait until Friday to get any results from the Breferendum

22 June 2016, 22:52
Sherif Hasan
Its tough living here in the future sometimes

And ... the calendar is sparse, with two speakers to at least weigh in.

Oh ... there are 2 Brexit polls due at 2100GMT - they usually hit a little early, so be ready, coming up in the next 30 minutes or so.

2300GMT - Reserve Bank of Australia's Luci Ellis, Head of the Financial Stability Department is participating in a panel discussion at the Centre for International Finance and Regulation (CIFR) Research Showcase: Banking, Sydney. I like Ellis, well worth paying attention to. When everyone was freaking out about runaway house prices in Sydney and how that would stop the RBA from cutting rates again she gave a speech saying 'Nah, chill out dudes, that won't stop us, we ain't that fussed'. A good result for those paying attention. And, as the central bank club is small, it's a similar attitude at the RBNZ; "Surging Auckland house prices? No Problem, here have another rate cut!" 
2350GMT - Japan - International securities flows
0130GMT - Bank of Japan policy board member Kiuchi makes a speech. Kiuchi is a serial dissenter at board meetings, so watch out for contrary comments from him. And ... how much longer will he be a board member - other dissenters have been turfed out, he'll be for the chop next.
0145GMT - China - MNI business indicator for June (May was 50.0, April 50.5)
0200GMT - Japan - Preliminary Manufacturing PMI for June, prior 47.7
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