Brexit referendum losers - the excuses are in! "It was rigged!"

22 June 2016, 07:06
Sherif Hasan

The Brexit vote hasn't started yet but already the excuses for losing are being made. Apparently it was all rigged!

I don't know if this is even real, but the best comedy is often close to the truth

  • ITN are not commissioning an exit poll in order to allow the vote to be fixed without anyone telling
  • There are plans for further EU integration and enlargement that the EU are deliberately not announcing till after the referendum
  • MI5 is working with the UK government to try and stop Britain leaving the EU
  • It is likely that the EU referendum will be rigged

And, the results ...

Just a note if you are a noob to the markets. Its very important that you only look for bias in data you disagree with. If the data conflicts with your pre-existing view it is important not to have any doubts about your view - after all, there is no way you could be wrong. None at all. So, yeah, conflicting data is manipulated, rigged, whatever and produced & distributed by people with ulterior motives.

If, however, the data supports your pre-existing view then its all good! And those who have produced it, they are saints!

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