Yes folks, our man Carney's back at Mansion House today

16 June 2016, 15:01
Sherif Hasan

Bank of England governor Mark Carney speaks tonight at the annual Mansion House  Banker's Dinner 16 June 2016

The BOE have the speech scheduled for 20.00 GMT with the text being released on their website at the same time here .

UK fin min Osborne will also be speaking so expect a raft of Remain rhetoric and scare-mongering.

It's been a while since I had an invite so I'll be unable to bring you any inside gossip but traders will remember Carney's appearance in June 2014 for his comments suggesting that an interest rate hike wasn't too far away.

"There's already great speculation about the exact timing of the first rate hike and this decision is becoming more balanced. It could happen sooner than markets currently expect."

We all know what happened to that part of his forward guidance and I was proved right in the end that UK interest rates weren't going up then or anytime soon. I stand by that view.

Expect Carney to be more cautious tonight and toe a tight line trying as hard as he can to be independent but don't rule out a pop at the Leave campaigners who have now stirred his wrath .

In the meantime Come on England (before we get disqualified!). See you all back here tomorrow

Carney expected to toe the line this time

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