New indicators for MT4/Z-Tools Black

New indicators for MT4/Z-Tools Black

26 May 2016, 23:01
Sergio Andres Zuleta Lopez

Hello everyone I'm Sergio Zuleta, Founder and Tech Director of Z-Trading, and would like to introduce our Z-Tools Black technical indicators that have recently been added to MT4 and provide a significant improvement for technical analysis trading.

Z-Compass: Shows a histogram that allow identify the trend, strength and exhaustion zones which provide relevant information for decision-making. More information.

Z-Beat Zone: It’s a stochastic that displays overbought or oversold zones (+40, -40), additionally seeks to predict the direction of movement, and this way allows the trader to synchronize the time of entry, take profits or close a position. More information.

Z-Trend: Interprets market sentiment using a clear interface and shows what is happening, identifying bullish/bearish strength, extended movements and points of indecision or neutrality, improving the understanding of the prevailing trend and benefits management. More information.

Z-Zones: Identifies value areas on the market, support and resistance zones, volatility and strength. Due to its illustrative interface, shows in screen key areas that helps mitigate false signals, profit efficient management and improve the definition of technical exit points, optimizing the risk-benefit balance. More information.

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