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Simpler Trend - Indikator für den MetaTrader 4

Mladen Parik
Besarion Turmanauli
Stimmen: 22
2017.09.25 08:18
2021.06.28 07:31

Although there are many similar indicators out there, this particular one is based on code previously published by Mladen Rakic and incorporates a number of improvements, part of which was added following user request in comments.

List of fixes and improvements

  • Trading alerts (Alerts in MT4 terminal, Email notifications, Push notifications).
  • Inputs to enable/disable each alert type separately.
  • Simplified and easy-to-grasp color theme.
  • Additional signal buffer (Indicator output value).
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes.

The list of adjustable parameters

  • Average Period = 30 - indicator period.
  • Sensitivity = 3 - sensitivity to price fluctuations.
  • Enable Alerts = false - enable/disable trading alerts in MetaTrader 4.
  • Enable Email Notification = false - enable/disable email trading alerts.
  • Enable Push Notification = false - enable/disable push trading alerts.



  • Please, make sure you combine these signals with other sources of fundamental and technical analysis, do not rely on this indicator alone for your trading decisions.

Thank you for reading!

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