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News Trader EA - Experte für den MetaTrader 4

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2012.03.05 10:50
2016.11.22 07:32

This EA is supposed to trade news and high market spikes.

Every trader knows that when something BIG occurs volumes increase significantly.. so i coded an ea to basically trade volume spikes. The EA will detect trend with a CCI and a candlestick filter. The EA will also use CCI to avoid overbought and oversold situations and will not enter the trade too late.

How to use the EAs:

Let' s say that at the beginning of the week you think that the EURUSD will face a difficult week.. so you open a EURUSD H4 chart window and attach the Volume EA sell to the chart

Otherwise you attach the Volume EA buy.

Let's say you are uncertain. You open two H4 windows and attach both EAs.

To improve/to do:

  1. Because i am not an expert coder i don't know how to join the two eas, and to add a function filter to just sell or buy.. some help will be appreciated. Also, I know that the code has some bugs, specially in the trailing stop section.
  2. The EA has a timeclose function, but does not have a true stoploss. I have not added a proper stop loss function because i don't know how to set a valid stoploss with a ECN broker. i will be glad if someone can code this too.
  3. If you have a good idea to further improve the code please submit it, everyone is welcome.
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