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Trend and Wave

There are a lot of support tools in the Forex trading market, such as ea - robot., to help the transaction become automated and can be traded 24 hours a day, and there are also lots of points. The quote is called an "indicator", such as: sar parabolic, cci, macd., bollinger band ... combining all the junk issues will give a "signal" and we call it "trading signal". But,null, and perhaps many market participants have not defined what the trend is, and what is the wave, to have more effective "strategies" for trading.

@ then the intention is to think of the trend: we use slope. From the slope of point a to certain point b we will know the trend. (In fact, it is different from the fx transaction. This trend should be at a relative definition.)

@ trend in fx is divided into 6 categories and we can define it as follows:
1. with a angle of 90 degrees to 50 degrees we consider it a strong upward trend.
2. With an angle of 50 degrees to 20 degrees, we consider it an upward trend.
3. with a 20 degree angle to -20 degrees, it is considered a horizontal trend - sideways.
4. with -20 degrees to -50 degrees, we consider it a downward trend.
5. with a -50 degree angle to -90 degrees, it is considered a strong downward trend.
?? So what is the 6th trend?
6. With the 6th trend fx called the trend of scandal., Many traders leave tk for the broker when it comes to this trend.

Trend and wave indicator is an available tool and it helps you identify trends.

There are always two main trends in the indicator:
1. Trend of the current time frame.
2. Trend of larger time frame.

Indicator parameters

  • Color: Red - Color of signal current time frame.
  • Width: 2 - Width trend line of signal current time frame.
  • Color: Aqua - Color of signal  larger time frame.
  • Width:4 - Width trend line of signal larger time frame.

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