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Ultimate Scalper Expert Advisor

This EA detects fast moving trend and opens and closes buy/sell position in jest few seconds only. Life of a trade is of only few seconds, that's why it is called Ultimate True Scalper EA.

Recommendations for this EA:

  • Please use given .Set (preset) file for better results from this EA. EA default settings may not be optimum so preset file must be used. You may find this .Set file in Comments section.
  • EA gives best results on GBPUSD, Minutes-15 time frame.
  • Broker should be 5-dgits.
  • Broker should have zero stoplevel for best results from this EA.
  • There should not be more than 5 Points (0.5 Pips) spread in MT4
  • Latency of your connected MT4 is very low for this EA, because it is a very fast scalper EA.

Parameters of this EA are:

  • GMT_Offset - You can ask your broker for his GMT offset, it should be correct
  • EquityPercentageLots - This is the % of equity which will be used for Lots size
  • AutoLotsIncrease - You can set it true/false. It decides that Lots size should be increase/decrease as per account equity increase or decrease.
  • MaximumSpread - EA won't work if your broker as higher spread than this. [It is in Points]
  • MaximumStoplevel - EA won't work if your broker as higher stoplevel than this. [It is in Points]
  • Stoploss - This is Stoploss value for a position. [It is in Points]
  • Takeprofit - This is Takeprofit value for a position. [It is in Points]
  • TrailingStoploss - Trailing Stoploss in Points
  • TrailingStep - These are Trailing stoploss steps in Points
  • MagicNumber - Magic number attached wit each position.
  • DistancePoints - This is the distance of pending order from current bid/ask. [It is in Points]
  • OrderGapMinutes - This is the minimum time gap in minutes between two pending orders.
  • OrderDeleteMinutes - This is the maximum life in minutes of a pending order.
  • TradeCloseMinutes - This is the maximum life in minutes of a Trade. But this parameter works only if Trade is on loss, but if Trade is in profit and Trailing is running on it, then this parameter won't work.
  • Comments - This test string will be attach to each position.
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - You can allow EA to trade true/false for week days.
  • Hour_01, Hour_02, Hour_03, Hour_04, Hour_05, Hour_06, Hour_07, Hour_08, Hour_09, Hour_10, Hour_11, Hour_12, Hour_13, Hour_14, Hour_15, Hour_16, Hour_17, Hour_18, Hour_19, Hour_20, Hour_21,Hour_22, Hour_23, Hour_24 - You can turn ON/OFF EA to trade for particular hours.

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