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Big Hunter

30% Discount for Canada Day!!

July 1st.

The Multi Strategy Trading Robot

This automated trading robot always uses stop loss.

Big Hunter is specially designed to trade gold, but you can test it on other pairs since you have the access to the parameters. The robot uses different strategies like swing tradingmomentum trading, position trading and more. It's backtested for the last 10 years under the harshest, simulated market conditions.

Each trade has  unique SL, TP, Trailing stop, and breakeven. These parameters are variable and change depending on the market condition and the price range.

The robot is developed in such a way to avoid trading in the ranged market. Therefore, sometimes you might see no trades for  a few days. In fact, it's designed to trade like a professional trader and most of the times it takes positions with respect to daily time frame.

This expert does not look for small profits as you may guess from its name. It usually closes bad trades before they hit the stops.

No martingale, No hedge, No scalping.

Sometimes, you might see two trades in different directions, but it rarely happens. That does not mean it hedges. This only occurs when two opposite strategies (Like swing and position) get triggered in a few hours and even in a few days.

In order to be a good trader, you need to have a strategy, discipline, and the last but not the least, patience! There is nothing to be worried about if you don't have the first two factors. You just need to be patient and Big Hunter will take care of the rest!

Unique feature:

Money Management:

The unique feature about this product is the money management. Depending on market condition and price range, each trade has different SL, TP, Breakeven, Trailing stop and Risk. In fact, this is how professional traders trade. Although trading is difficult, I believe you don't need to know the rocket science to be a good trader! Even best strategies fail if they are not combined with a proper money management. This robot utilizes a sophisticated mathematical formula to handle the money management. In other word, it is programmed to recover from several losses that you've had for a period of time.

Other features:

Multi strategy trading:

If one strategy lets you down for a period of time, other strategies will help you recover some losses. That's the main purpose of multi strategy trading.

Slippage filter:

We all know that we can't avoid slippage. Specially when we have stop orders. Big Hunter closes stop order trades, which triggered by huge slippage, immediately (for example; more than 2.5$ slippage in gold). According to the statistics, adjusting the stop loss level will almost always end up losing more money, anyway. Therefore, we prefer to close bad trades in smaller losses.

Trading range filter:

Based on the algorithm given to Big Hunter, it usually does not trade in a choppy market. Professional traders never trade in such a condition, because market doesn't have a clear direction and most trades get stopped out.

Dynamic stop loss, trailing stop, breakeven,...:

Most robots trade with static parameters, no matter what the market condition is. Big Hunter takes into account different variables and only after assigns these parameters, depending on the market condition.

Trading conditions:

Time frame: Daily(mandatory).

Broker: Any broker with leverage of 1/100 or more and a reasonable margin for gold. Your chart should have smooth candle sticks.  

GMT Offset: It is designed for gmt+2 brokers. You may need to change the gmtw and gmtp in the expert properties according to your broker gmt offset. It's tested on IcMarkets, OANDA and Dukascopy.

Here are the monitoring signals for the Big Hunter Robot.


ZHE WEI 2018.11.06 09:25 

This is a set and forget ea, and you do not need to worry about the risky.. the balance setting... the trading method...

The live result is also same like demo account if your broker or vps is enough fast for the execute order.

The only thing you need is your patience.

I will update my result base on live account for next several months.

(25 jan)

I consider to downgrade the star rate to 3 stars as the performce of the robot became bad in the adjustment market, as we dont know when the adjustment phase end, i will communicate with author about the solution. Will back and update if situation become good enough.


I faced the situation of adjustment market and gold price go up and down. I considered ea should not open trade even though it can control the frequency of opening trades under adjustment market. But very disapointed, it can not be. Myabe need patience but this time i have a littile dissapointed with it. As author said, we cannot predict market future, the future maybe good, maybe bad, you think the long trend will be soon come but who can make sure about that? Maybe the adjustment market will keep so long time.


The ea got the good performance in the trend markets, and we need only patience and suitable rw value. I returned the ea with 5 stars and will report the performance after several months live account running.

Amon79 2018.10.16 01:30 

This is one of the best robots I've ever tried in mql5. As far as I've tested and used it on my live account so far:

Very good risk/reward ratio (usually more than 1/3).

Great customer service.

4 winning trades so far. will update the performance here later.

Версия 1.16 2019.03.17
Версия 1.15 2019.02.16
added Trade switch
Версия 1.14 2019.01.11
Версия 1.13 2019.01.08
Версия 1.12 2018.10.28
A new strategy added.
Now trades more with more profit
some bugs fixed
faster backtest
Версия 1.10 2018.10.10
Log's errors are fixed.