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MTF Stochastic and RSI

A simple but effective helper that will allow you to track both global and local market trends.

The indicator combines the work of two oscillators: Stochastic and RSI.

Both indicators can be set to any timeframe.

Advantages of Use

  • Multitimeframe - you can adjust both indicators to the desired timeframes. To obtain the entry points, you can use the Elder's triple screen system.
  • Highly customizable - you can configure not only the parameters of the indicators, but also their appearance (color and width of lines).
  • Time-saving - you will not have to switch between timeframes and reattach the indicators every time. These problems are solved by combining the indicators in one window.

Indicator Parameters

  • Stochastic TF - timeframe of Stochastic.
  • Stochastic % K period - %K period of Stochastic.
  • Stochastic % D period - %D period of Stochastic.
  • Stochastic slowing - slowing of Stochastic.
  • Stochastic MA method - MA method of Stochastic.
  • Stochastic price field - price type of Stochastic.
  • RSI TF - timeframe of RSI.
  • RSI period - period of RSI.
  • RSI apply to - price type to calculate RSI.
  • Stochastic main line color - Stochastic main line color.
  • Stochastic signal line color - Stochastic signal line color.
  • RSI line color - RSI line color.
  • Stochastic main line width - Stochastic main line width.
  • Stochastic signal line width - Stochastic signal line width.
  • RSI line width - RSI line width.
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