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OsMA overbought and oversold

This highly informative indicator applies overbought/oversold levels for more accurate representation of the market situation.

It is also possible to change the appearance of the indicator - line or histogram.

Additional parameters enable more fine-tuning, while trading can be inside the channel and along a trend.

Distinctive features

  • Oversold/overbought levels;
  • Does not redraw.
  • Displayed as a line or a histogram;
  • Works on all timeframes and symbols.
  • Suitable for manual trading and development of Expert Advisors.

For more accurate entries and additional confirmation of signals, it can be used in conjunction with other indicators.


  • FastEMA - fast moving average period;
  • SlowEMA - slow moving average period;
  • SignalSMA - signal moving average period period;
  • ExtPeriod - period to calculate oversold and overbought levels.
  • Line_or_Histo - display the indicator as a line (true) or a histogram (false).

Trading recommendations

  • If the histogram (line) is near 100 or -100, the price reversal probability is high.
  • If the histogram (line) crosses 50 or -50, the price will most likely continue moving in the same direction.
  • If the histogram (line) exceeds 0 and the Highs increase, there is an uptrend.
  • If the histogram (line) is below 0 and the Lows decrease, there is a downtrend.
  • Local Highs and Lows on the histogram show that the price may reverse or start correction.
  • If the histogram (line) crosses the zero line downwards, it is a sell signal. If it crosses the zero line upwards, it is a buy signal.
  • Classic divergence signals between the indicator and the price chart - additional confirmation signals.
  • The direction of the deal should correspond to the direction of the trend on the higher timeframes.
  • Close the deal by an opposite signal or by the defined SL and TP levels.
  • When using SL and TP, it is recommended to set SL beyond the nearest extremum, TP = 1..2 SL
  • Works well with an additional channel trading filter - The Channel indicator is suitable for this purpose.

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Trading strategies with indicator OsMA obs

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