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Dynamic Stop Loss - expert para MetaTrader 4

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2020.01.20 01:58
2020.02.24 00:29

Dynamic Stop-Loss is a tool for traders who trade without a stop-loss. It gives the traders a trick to trade as if there is no stop-loss but actually using one.

    Cross Cross

    Candle Cross above or below Conditions

    Safe Trend Scalp Safe Trend Scalp

    Safe Trend Scalp is an automatic robot that trades with automatic Trend lines that ea crated with market history.

    Set Stoploss and Takeprofit at same level for multiple orders Set Stoploss and Takeprofit at same level for multiple orders

    Let's say we have 20 open orders on one symbol and want to set takeprofit or stoploss for all of them at the same level(price) .The script selects all open orders of the symbol and can modify stoploss or takeprofit or both at the desired level (price). If the input parameters are left to zero , the stop or the takeprofit are left unchanged .

    Carry Trade Tools Carry Trade Tools

    These codes give you a list of currency pairs that have a positive and negative swap. This is useful when you do a Carry Trade strategy.