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Gonna Scalp - expert para MetaTrader 4

Aharon Tzadik | Portuguese English Español 日本語 Deutsch

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2019.11.10 00:57
2019.11.20 11:57

The "Gonna Scalp" EA  is a scalper , works with all time frames major forex pairs and stocks NASDAQ.

***Include "IncreaseFactor" function if you lose a trade the next lotsize will be increased****

USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN  system functions like a stop loss

But a one-time function with a smaller value than the subsequent  Stop Loss value to lock minimal profit and avoid loss if the price goes against you.

If you have reached a certain value of pips with the direction of the trade -

  • WHENTOMOVETOBE - When to move break even (values: 10-100).

So how many pips would you like to move the stop loss above the price line of the open trade-

  • PIPSTOMOVESL - How much pips to move stop loss (values: 10-100).

Try it on demo first.

This EA trades only with the price of open candle!

If you do not want to trade with increasing lot size when you lose  a trade set:"IncreaseFactor=0"


    • Exit=Enable Exit strategy (values:true/false).
    • USEMOVETOBREAKEVEN - Enable "no loss" break even system (values: 0-1).
    • WHENTOMOVETOBE - When to move break even (values: 15-25).
    • PIPSTOMOVESL - How much pips to move stop loss (values: 1-10).
    • Lots - Lots size (values: 0.01-1).
    • IncreaseFactor -how much to increase lots from total margin if you lose a trade (values: 0.001-0.1).
    • TrailingStop-set a value from 30 to 100 to activate trailing stop loss & take profit, "0" will not activate trailing stop loss.
    • Stop_Loss - Stop Loss (values: 10-100).
    • MagicNumber - Magic number (values: 1-100000).
    • TakeProfit - Take Profit (values: 10-100).
    • FastMA - Fast Moving Average (values: 1-20).
    • SlowMA - Slow Moving Average (values: 50-200).
    •  Mom_Sell-Momentum_Sell trigger(values: 0.1-5).
    •  Mom_Buy-Momentum_Buy trigger(values: 0.1-5).

  • How to perform back test:

    N trades per set Martingale N trades per set Martingale

    Will scale up after N consec losses and will reset after same amount of consec wins

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