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MACD Currency Meter

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WELCOME to a very new algorithm in the market which you have never seen before. MACD Currency Strength Meter: 2 indicators in 1!

MACD Currency Meter : A MACD indicator with the power of Currency Strength Meter. 

MACD - a indicator which is good to know the momentum of a Pair

Currency Strength Meter is used for tracing market trends.. 

If you are a fan of MACD and Currency Strength Meter, this indicator is the one for you. MACD-CSM is simply a MACD indicator with the momentum of Currency Strength Meter. Signals are very different from a normal MACD or a Normal Currency Strength Meter. The simplest explanation for it is that MACD indicator is only based on one chart you are trading. but MACD-CSM is a 28-pair based MACD indicator all put in one chart.

Note that the indicator has a sophisticated algorithm, but it is a friendly indicator where you do not need to open all 28 pairs.. All you need to do is open 1 chart and all the necessary information for 28 pairs and the 9 timeframes (From M1-MN) will showed in your chart, Just 1 chart! 

Parameters : 

    • Choose Graph - Choose between the 3 options
      1. MACD-CM Graph - MACD Graph which is based on Currency Strength Meter
      2. Currency Strength Meter Graph - This is a line graph of the trends of 8 currency strengths
      3. MACD-CM Graph and CSM Line - MACD Graph with the Currency Strength Meter Graph of the pair
    • MACD-CSM TimeFrame - Choose which Timeframe you prefer.
    • Fast EMA - Input Fast EMA Period default is Period 12
    • Slow EMA - Slow EMA Period default is Period 26
    • Signal EMA  - Period Signal of Fast and Slow EMA, default is 9
  • PERIODS on TIMEFRAMES - Hide or Show MACD-CSM Values
  • MACD-CSM VALUES - Show or Hide MACD Values (Upper right values of the chart)
  • M1 Period  - Show or Hide TimeFrame M1 Values
  • M5 Period   - Show or Hide TF M5 Values
  • M15 Period  - Show or Hide TF M15 Values
  • M30 Period   - Show or Hide TF M30 Values
  • H1 Period   - Show or Hide TF H1 Values
  • H4 Period   - Show or Hide TF H4 Values
  • D1 Period   - Show or Hide TF D1 Values
  • W1 Period   - Show or Hide TF W1 Values
  • MN Period   - Show or Hide TF D1 Values
      • Font - Edit Font for Currency Strength Display
      • Show or Hide MACD Signal EMA Line
      • X-Axis Currency Value - Position of Currency Value in X-Axis
      • Y-Axis Currency Value - Position of Currency Value in Y-Axis
      • USD COLOR - Color of USD
      • EUR COLOR - Color of EUR
      • GBP COLOR - Color of GBP
      • AUD COLOR - Color of AUD
      • CAD COLOR - Color of CAD
      • NZD COLOR - Color of NZD
      • CHF COLOR - Color of CHF
      • JPY COLOR - Color of JPY
    • Arrow Properties
      • Symbol Colors - Symbol Background Color
      • Up Arrow Color - Buy Signal Color
      • Up Wingdings Character - Buy Signal Wingdings numerical value
      • Down Arrow Color - Sell Signal Color
      • Down Wingdings Character - Sell Signal Wingdings numerical value
      • Normal Color - TimeFrame Color
      • Selected Color - Color Change of Symbol when chose
    • DISTANCE COLOR - X-axis and Y-axis distances of chart object
      • Alert Based On - Choose between Real-Time Alert and Time Alert
        1. Real-Time Alert - You would get an alert the moment a signal change
        2. Time Interval - You would get an alert
      • Minutes Interval for Next Alert - Number of Minutes Difference between Alerts
      • Type Of Alert Chart Alert - Choose between 4 types of Alert
        1. Change of Currency Direction Alert
        2. Cross Over Between Currencies Alert
        3. MACD-CSM Values 
        4. Complete Alert
      • TimeFrame Alert - Choose type of alert based on your current timeframe or all timeframes the user enabled.
        1. Current TimeFrame Only - Alert will be based on your chart's timeframe.
        2. All Chosen TimeFrame - Alert will be based on the timeframes you enabled or showed on your chart
        • E-mail Alert - On Or Off Email Alert
        • Mobile Alert - On or Off Mobile Alert  
        • Alert me at - Choose what time you want to get your alert. 
      1. Candle Control
        • Limit Candle - Number of Candles  - This will limit or control the maximum candles to be analyzed. Limiting the number of candles is made to avoid possible lag or hangs on the pc. This will prevent possible slow responses from your MT4 due to high load. Imagine how much calculation the indicator is doing for 1500 candles on 28pairs

        Comentarios 16
        DengTv gaming
        DengTv gaming 2020.10.12 17:45 

        Very good indicator parekoy

        turky7713 2020.09.30 09:56 


        Irfan 2020.09.29 16:47 

        My big thank to Emir. This is an excellent Indi. Make sure that u take a good signal with higher TF in agreement. Emir is very helpful he even added TF alert on recent update on my request. 5 out of 5

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        Strong Retracement Points Pro edition! SRP (Strong Retracement/Reversal Points) is a powerful and unique support and resistance indicator. It displays the closest important levels which we expect the price retracement/reversal! If all level are broken from one side, it recalculates and draws new support and resistance levels, so the levels might be valid for several days depending on the market! If you are still hesitating to start using this wonderful tool, you can check this link to see how ef
        399 USD
        Viacheslav Desenko
        SpreadInfo displays the movement of synthetic instrument consisting of a few basic ones. The concept is very simple. A synthetic instrument is created. It can be described using a simple equation ( spread indicator parameter). The indicator plots a chart of the synthetic instrument and builds a regression channel based on it (see the screenshots). How to use Make sure that all symbols specified in the indicator equation are present in the Market Watch window. Make sure that quotes of all symbo
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        MACD Divergence with Arrows
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        MACD Divergence with arrows complements the MACD indicator. It scans for divergence within the MACD oscillator then draws arrows on the entry points in the chart window. NB:The indicator does not bring up the MACD window nor does it draw lines on the MACD window. The screenshots are a mere description of how they work. The user will become alerted whenever a divergence is in progress and should WAIT for the perfect moment to make an entry. Perfect entries can be anything basic such as support an
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        PZ Super Trend
        Arturo Lopez Perez
        A top-quality implementation of the famous Super Trend indicator, which needs no introduction. It is completely loyal to the original algorithm, and implements many other useful features such as a multi-timeframe dashboard.  [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Easy to trade It implements alerts of all kinds It implements a multi-timeframe dashboard It is non-repainting and non-backpainting Input Parameters ATR Period - This is the average true range peri
        ExitPoints MACD
        Thomas Register
        This is ExitPoints's version of the MACD (Moving Average Divergence Convergence) indicator. The MACD has been widely used for decades by financial analysts as a momentum indicator. This version has been normalized to expand the analysis characteristics of the indicator. Since the pattern of the MACD is preserved and only the scale has been normalized, a trader can use all the pattern recognition usage built in to the MACD such as trend changes and reversals. The indicator can be used effectively
        FXC iDeM DivergencE MT4
        Zsolt Haromszeki
        FXC iDeM-DivergencE MT4 Indicator This is an advanced DeMarker indicator that finds trend-turn divergences on the current symbol. The indicator detects divergence between the DeMarker and the price movements as a strong trend-turn pattern. Main features: Advanced divergence settings Price based on Close, Open or High/Low prices Give Buy/Sell open signals PUSH notifications E-mail sending Pop-up alert Customizeable Information panel Input parameters: DeM Period: The Period size of the DeMarke
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        Bw Bars
        Evgeniy Kornilov
        The BW Bars indicator is based on the initial entry level of the "ProfitUnity" approach by Bill Williams, described in the book "Trading Chaos". It shows the extreme bars on the chart, that is, the bars that opened and closed in the same third of the bar. "Whenever you see an extreme (a bar that both opens and closes in the same third, top or bottom, of the bar), 85% of the time the market will change direction within the next 1 to 5 bars of the same duration as the bar you are examining. This k
        30 USD
        Vladimir Gribachev
        Neural network expert advisor. Readings of seven indicators (RSI, MACD, AO, AC, Momentum, ATR, RVI) are provided to the input. It must be used on a VPS server only. Works with four and five decimal places. Run it on high liquidity pairs (EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURJPY, USDCAD and AUDUSD). x0-x11 parameters must be optimized for learning, values are ranged from 0 to 100 with a step equal to 1. 💼 Telegram chat for questions and discussion: https://t.me/forex4up_chat Parameters StopLoss —
        40 USD
        PZ Swing Trading
        Arturo Lopez Perez
        Swing Trading es el primer indicador diseñado para detectar oscilaciones en la dirección de la tendencia y posibles oscilaciones de reversión. Utiliza el enfoque de intercambio de línea de base, ampliamente descrito en la literatura comercial. El indicador estudia varios vectores de precios y tiempos para rastrear la dirección de la tendencia agregada y detecta situaciones en las que el mercado está sobrevendido o sobrecomprado y listo para corregir. [ Guía de instalación | Guía de actualización
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        Beast Super Signal
        Dustin Vlok
        HAPPY 3 YEARS BIRTHDAY TO US!!! TO CELEBRATE OUR BIRTHDAY WE WILL BE HAVING A LIMITED PROMOTION FOR THE WHOLE OF DECEMBER! GET A HUGE 25% OFF!!! WAS $149 NOW ONLY $111.75!!! The Beast Super Signal is a simple, and easy to use trend based indicator. It will continuously monitor current price action looking for new trends developing or strong reversals building at extreme price levels, and trends that have reached strong exhaustion level The Beast Super Signal indicator will monitor the current
        111.75 USD
        Acc PriceBalance
        Vasyl Calko
        A new development created to facilitate trading . The indicator can be configured both for trend and counter-trend trading. The Acc PriceBalance helps to find new entry points or filter out the existing signals. Multiple signal types can be observed on the indicator the histogram exceeding the signal lines the signal lines exceeding the histogram change in the histogram color If the top of the histogram is pink, then there is a bullish trend in the market If the bottom of the histogram is pink
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        Derivative Oscillator
        Sergey Bocharov
        The technical indicator is a more advanced version of the relative strength index (RSI) that applies moving average convergence-divergence (MACD) principles to a double-smoothed RSI (DS RSI) indicator. The indicator is derived by computing the difference between a double-smoothed RSI and a simple moving average (SMA) of the DS RSI. The indicator's intent is to provide more accurate buy and sell signals than the standard RSI calculation.  The MACD is derived by subtracting the 12-period expone
        Operate Divergence
        Gilberto Rodrigues
        The indicator operates a trend of divergence. The product is based on the MACD divergence. When the price line and the MACD line go together in the same direction, it indicates that that the trend will continue. The divergence between the direction of the price line and the MACD line indicates a possible reversal of trend. In an uptrend, a bearish divergence occurs when prices keep rising and the MACD line in the overbought region begins to fall. In a downtrend, a bullish divergence occurs whe
        100 USD
        Monalisa MACD
        Valter Pegoraro
        " MONALISA (acronym of MON itor A nd LIS t A ll) MACD" is an indicator based on the MACD Oscillator on all timeframes of any Currency Cross Pair. The indicator shows all Timeframes (from M1 to MN1) and colors in GREEN or RED that Timeframe that results in BUY or SELL based on the MACD Oscillator. This indicator is useful because it allows you to have a complete view of all Timeframes at the same time. Features Easy flexible settings: Detection of the MACD signal for all timeframes No setting l
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        Voles Indicator
        Oleg Klimakhin
        Voles Indicator Operation Principles It is based on the standard indicators of the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It shows the market entry points. How to trade When a bar is complete and an arrow is shown, place a BuyStop order at the High of the bar is the arrow is green, or a SellStop order at the Low of the bar if the arrow is red. StopLoss should be set at the level of the last downwards fractal below the entry point at a green arrow or at the level of the last upwards fractal above the entry po
        150 USD
        Trigger Bands MT4
        Leonid Basis
        This indicator shows bands (flexible corridor) for a current price movement and the change of trend. The indicator can be used on any time frames and currency pairs. The following input parameters can be easily changed for your needs: nPeriod = 13; - number of bars which the indicator will use for calculation Deviation = 1.618; - coefficient for bands distance from the middle line MaShift = 0; - shift from current bar
        30 USD
        Evgeniy Zhdan
        This indicator represents a trading system that is based on 3 moving averages. When a crossover of all three moving averages occurs, the indicator gives an alert and displays a big arrow in the trend direction. When a crossover of two fast moving averages occurs, the indicator gives an alert and displays a small arrow in the microtrend direction. Periods of moving averages and alert parameters can be adjusted in the indicator settings. The indicator can be used as a standalone trading system, as
        16 USD
        ZhiBiCCI MT4
        Qiuyang Zheng
        Los indicadores [ZhiBiCCI] son ​​adecuados para todos los ciclos de uso y también son adecuados para todas las variedades de mercado. [ZhiBiCCI] La línea verde sólida es una reversión de la divergencia alcista. La línea de puntos verde es una divergencia alcista clásica. [ZhiBiCCI] La línea continua hacia el rojo es una divergencia bajista inversa. La línea roja punteada es una divergencia bajista clásica. [ZhiBiCCI] puede configurarse en los parámetros (Alerta, Enviar correo, Enviar notif
        58 USD
        MACDivergence MTF
        Pavel Zamoshnikov
        Advanced ideas of the popular MACD indicator: It detects and displays classic and reverse divergences (three methods of detecting divergences). It uses different color to highlight an uptrend and a downtrend. Two methods of determining a trend: а) MACD crosses the 0 level (classic signal); б) MACD crosses its own average (early signal). This is a multi-timeframe indicator: it can display MACD data from other timeframes. Two methods of drawing: classic histogram and line. It generates sound and v
        15 USD
        Ilya Antipin
        Biwavelet is an indicator for harmonic forecast of the market based on one-dimensional wavelet transform functions. Wavelet transforms are one of the main tools of digital algorithmic trading. This is due to their ability to analyze and predict processes occurring in two independent basic dimensions - price and time. Wavelets have significant advantages over the Fourier transform, because wavelet transform allows evaluating not only the frequency spectrum of the price signal, but also the time a
        50 USD
        MACD Cross Prediction Indicator MT4
        The moment when the MACD line crosses the signal line often leads to a significant price movement and trend changes. MACD Cross Prediction is an indicator that uses OSMA(MACD oscillator) and a red line. You can change the level of the red line on the indicator setting popup(and the red line moves up and down). The alerts(email, mobile push, sound, MT5 alert) will be sent when the MACD histogram touches the red line, which means the alerts can be sent just before/around the time when the MACD lin
        30 USD
        MACD for Quick Decision
        Yi Zhong
        MACD  techniques are commonly used in the daily tradings. It is useful to find the market trend and divergence/convergence of current trend. This version of MACD is better for people who are doing real world trading to make decisions even faster. It is based on the default MACD, plus the features of the strength of the market force (green bar for long strength, red bar for short strength), and arrows indicating the type of position to open/close. By comparing the piles of the strength bars, you
        25 USD
        Mini Crypto Trading Dashboard
        Opengates Success International
        Micro Crypto Trading Dashboard This is a custom indicator created to give CRYPTO TRADERS a full view of what is going on in the Crypto market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make successful trading. This is a Micro size of the Compact Crypto Market Trading Dashboard Indicator created mainly for trading Crypto Currencies Markets for a living. They practically perform the same operation but MicroMini FFMV Dashboard has a few feature
        75 USD
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        Blahtech Supply Demand
        Blahtech Limited
        Supply Demand uses previous price action to identify potential imbalances between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the better odds zones, not just the untouched ones. Blahtech Supply Demand indicator delivers functionality previously unavailable on any trading platform. This 4-in-1 indicator not only highlights the higher probability zones using a multi-criteria strength engine, but also combines it with multi-timeframe trend analysis, previously confirmed swings and engulfing detector
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        Naked Forex Kangaroo Tail
        Renaud Candel
        Kangaroo Tail Indicator is a pattern recognition indicator for Forex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Cryptos. The Kangaroo Tail is a simple and very effective pattern to trade. The strategy that comes with the Kangaroo Tail is purely based on price action. Inputs of the indicator are : Distance: distance in pixel relative to top or bottom of candle to display the arrow symbol MaxBars: number of bars back used to calculate the indicator TradeDirection (Long/Short/LongAndShort): filter sign
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        POWR Trend Line Candles
        Trade Indicators LLC
        You’ll love how you can receive alerts to your email and SMS when the candles turn green or red signifying the best buy and sell times in correlation to confirmed uptrends and downtrends. TO USE 1. Buy when green candles appear - this represents an uptrend. 2. Sell when red candles appear - this represents a downtrend. EXTRA FEATURE This indicator NEVER repaints so when a candle closes, that color is final. Also, the blue trend lines in the photos are not included, this is to demonstrate the pri
        197 USD
        Naked Forex Tweezer Pro Indicator for MT4
        Renaud Candel
        Tweezer Pro Indicator is a pattern recognition indicator for Forex, Stocks, Indices, Futures, Commodities and Cryptos. The standard Tweezer is a two bar pattern. Our enhanced version is a multi-bar pattern. We filter the patterns for you so that you only get the   best and most effective patterns   and ignore the noise. The Tweezer pattern is a simple and effective pattern to trade. The strategy that comes with the Tweezer is based on price action. The Tweezer Pro version let user
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        Advanced Dashboard for Currency Strength and Speed
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        CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Best Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This dashboard software is working on 28 currency pairs. It is based on 2 of our main indicators (Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency Impulse). It gives a great overview of the entire Forex market. It shows Advanced Currency Strength values, currency speed of movement and signals for 28 Forex pairs in all (9) timeframes. Imagine how your trading will improve when you can watch the entire market using a sin
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        Alexandru Ionut Comanoiu
        AlioFx Price Action analyses trend, day candle, ob and os condition, 40 Japanese candle patterns with 9 customizable filters, last closed candle analyze, 23 chart patterns, automatic support and resistance lines, daily pivot points, trendlines, yesterday high and low lines and Fibonacci retracement. Alert, email and mobile notification for newly formed Price Action patterns and Chart patterns. Panel xy positioning, minimize button and panel options for quick turning on/off filters, alerts, pa hi
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        Chart Patterns Dashboard
        Velmurugan Esakki
        This indicator reads all symbols from Market Watch and scans behind the latest chart pattern formed in each symbols. The symbols are then categorized in dashboard based on its recent pattern identified.   The pattern of a particular symbol can be viewed separately in chart by left-clicking on the symbol. In the Dashboard, if the symbol is displayed in Green color, it means that the last trading price has broken the pattern in upward direction. If Red color, the break-out is in downward directio
        200 USD
        Evgeniy Kornilov
        BinaryArrowShot is a professional arrow indicator designed for a short-term price forecasting. This allows for displaying reliable trade results on binary options. The indicator is based on a relatively small neural network supplemented by Fourier series theory. This combination allows obtaining stable results for a long time period (about 15 years). BinaryArrowShot works on М1, М5, М15, М30, H1 and Н4, however the best results were obtained on М5-М30. BinaryArrowShot requires no optimization. I
        150 USD
        FXtraderariel Indicator
        Ariel Capja
        This is the FXTraderariel-Indicator . It scans the market for opportunities and creates a buy or sell signal. Depending on the settings and trading style, it can be used for scalping or long-term trading . The indicator can be used on every time frame , but we advise to use it on H1, H4 and D1 . Especially if you are a novice trader. Pro Traders can also you use it for scalping in smaller timeframes (M1, M5 and M15). This indicator is not a complete trading system. It doesn't give you exit point
        100 USD
        Pattern Finder
        Emanuele Cartelli
        Pattern Finder is a MULTICURRENCY indicator that scans the entire market seeking for up to 62 candlestick patterns in 15 different pairs/currencies all in one chart! You can also filter the scanning by following the trend by a function based on exponential moving average. Indicator parameters Alerts ON/OFF: Alert on screen ON/OFF : enables or disable screen alters. Notification by email ON/OFF : enable or disable email alerts. Push notification ON/OFF : enable or disable push notification on m
        130 USD
        Best Currency Strength Indicator
        Tumelo Rakotsoane
        Advanced Currency Strength Indicator The Advanced Divergence Currency Strength Indicator. Not only it breaks down all 28 forex currency pairs and calculates the strength of individual currencies across all timeframes , but, You'll be analyzing the WHOLE forex market in 1 window (In just 1 minute) . This indicator is very powerful because it reveals the true movements of the market.  It is highly recommended to  analyze charts knowing the performance of individual currencies or the countries ec
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        MTF Supply Demand Zones
        Georgios Kalomoiropoulos
        Next generation of automated supply and demand zones. New and innovative algorithm that works in any chart. All zones are being created dynamically according to price action of the market. GET ALERTS WHEN A NEW ZONE IS FORMED  New Features: Alerts when a new Supply/Demand Zone is created. You have the possibility when a new zone is formed to get push notifications.  Zone width labels in pips One more timeframe on MTF. So now instead of 2 timeframes above the current you will be able to see 3 t
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        Best And Worst Dashboard
        Chantal Sala
        Best and worst Dashboard was born from the idea to have a panel that includes all the symbols in a chart. It is very importance to understand which symbols are both positive and negative. In the past, we realized the single indicator Best and Worst ( https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11784 ), now thanks to the upgrading of the Metatrader the dashboard displays all the instruments simultaneously. A great revolution. This Dashboard is able to calculate performance at any time frame and clicki
        100 USD
        MonsterDash Harmonic Indicator
        Paul Geirnaerdt
        MonsterDash Harmonic Indicator is a harmonic pattern dashboard. It recognizes all major patterns. MonsterDash is a dashboard that displays all detected patterns for all symbols and (almost) all timeframes in sortable and scrollable format. Users can add their own user defined patterns . MonsterDash can open and update charts with the pattern found. Settings MonsterDash's default settings are good enough most of the time. Feel free to fine tune them to your needs. The color settings are for tho
        139 USD
        TickUnit Scalper Currency Strength28 PRO
        Bernhard Schweigert
        CURRENTLY 26% OFF !! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  This indicator is a super combination of both our main indicators ( Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency IMPULSE with ALERT ). It shows Currency Strength values for TICK-UNITS and alert signals for 28 Forex pairs. 11 different Tick-Units can be used. Those are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30 Seconds. The Tick-Unit bar in the sub-window will be shown and shifted to the left when there is at least 1 tick within the second’s timer.  With only ONE
        148 USD
        ShvedSupDem Pro Zone
        Andrey Shvedov
        Let us analyze what supply and demand are, and how relevant the expression "market memory" is. The screenshots show the operation of the SupDem-Pro custom indicator, it is the improved version of my previously created Shved Supply and Demand indicator. In order to create it, I gave up trading for almost 3 years and studied a lot of literature, I have not traded during this time, but only analyzed the behavior of the price in different situations. It took me quite a long time to correctly formula
        120 USD
        Scalper Inside PRO
        Alexey Minkov
        Scalper Inside PRO is an innovative product that uses the exclusive Next-Generation Trend Detection Algorithm (NG TDA) to determine the trend fast and accurately. Scalper Inside PRO is an indicator that will automatically determine the exact time of opening and closing positions and calculate detailed statistics to select the best trading instrument for your trade. Also, you can connect custom indicators to check and calculate their statistics and profitability. Scalper Inside PRO Manual (PDF):
        109 USD
        Golden Chip
        Daishon Cotman
        GOLDEN CHIP TUTORIAL LINK BELOW! https://youtu.be/R69zucG3EnY Golden Chip provides Basic Market Structure, Fibonacci, supply and Demand Zones. Letting you identify when a sell off point is approaching or when a buy opportunity is arriving. The awesome thing about Golden Chip is that, you will see rejection levels or continuation before ANYBODY ! This indicator moves directly with price and lines up perfectly with the Chart. Some indicators would lag but NOT this one ! Golden Chip is amazing f
        225 USD
        SL Currency28 Pair Dashboard
        Chalin Saranga Jayathilake
        User Manual For more information pm me   SL Currency28 Pair Dashboard is even used by the Banks to make profits. They take a strong currency and pitch against a weak currency This strategy i am made my other indicator SL Currency Strength Meter 28 Pair more  improvement We can easily study the financial strength of multi-faceted trading SL Currency28 Pair Dashboard strength meter which creates multiple charts in a single window based on the price action of each currency in relation to all other
        125 USD
        TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator
        TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle! TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several. TPA has been developed by traders for traders and is not another combination out of existing indica
        168 USD
        Prometheus Smart Money
        Philip Muga
        Prometheus Smart Money is an indicator that combines both price & volume with calculations based on other custom indicators, smart volume and retail volume to create this leading indicator that gives you high probability moves to help you make a decision on what is MOST likely to happen in the market going forward. Advantages You can use it in ALL financial markets including binary options on ALL asset classes or instruments. You can use it as a stand alone indicator or as a confirmation tool wi
        100 USD
        Fractal Pattern Scanner MT4
        Young Ho Seo
        Breakout Trading and then Recommend for Turning Fractal Pattern Scanner will do the complicated calculation at background. However, it provides simple trading operation. The Mother Wave pattern will provide you breakout trading opportunity. When the price crosses the breakout line, there is a good chance to catch profit from this breakout. The good thing is that it also provides the potential reversal price level as soon as the breakout pattern is detected. In summary, you use breakout for the
        220 USD
        Ashok Nale
        DynamicSRchannels indicator draws Dynamic Support & Resistance channel in order to predict Open value of next bar. Space in the right side of the chart consists of SR trendlines drawn based on history data. At any point of time price movement is controlled by these SR lines. This Indicator draws these SR lines for the open price of the next bar and makes it easy to predict the movement of the price. There can be three different possibilities of the movement of the current price: Break down the l
        100 USD
        Carmine Pinto
        WindFlow is a powerful solution for manual traders that will drive your trading decisions in no time. I designed this indicator taking into account three main concepts: momentum, break of recent trend and volatility. Just like the wind's flow any trend can have small correction or major change in its direction based on the main trend's strength, so at glance you can have a very good idea on the next "wind's direction" when you look at your charts. How to properly use WindFlow? WindFlow is the
        179 USD
        Paul Reymkhe
                             B ULL B EAR I NNOVATION                ⚜️ Technology To Success ⚜️   Correct identification of the trends in stock investments are pivotal and TrendFollowerSR ensures this perspective while displaying the correct trend on multiply timeframes to help you go long way as much as possible. The latest technology of the Indicator enables to track whether if a certain trend has just begun ,
        119 USD
        Nihilist and ForexAlien Indicator
        El Indicador Nihilist 5.0 incluye las estrategias y sistemas de trading Forexalien y Nihilist Easy Trend. El indicador se compone de un Dashboard MTF en donde se puede analizar las distintas posibilidades de entradas de cada estrategia con un simple vistazo. Dispone de un sistema de alertas con distintos tipos de filtros configurables y por cada TF que desee seleccionar los avisos en su plataforma Metatrader 4 y Smartphone. El indicador tiene la opción de seleccionar los TP y SL por ATR o fijo
        560 USD
        Moving Average Currency Strength Meter
        Emir Revolledo
        Before reading the description of this indicator, I just want to introduce to you following concept * MOVING AVERAGE LINE - Typical moving average which is based on one chart alone. * CURRENCY STRENGTH LINE - The moving average of a certain pair in which the strength is based on 28 pairs. Can be said as the REAL MOVING AVERAGE LINE. Moving Average indeed is one of the most popular indicator which almost every trader use. It can clearly give us where the trend of a pair is going. But the fact s
        120 USD
        Andrey Kozak
        XPointer is a completely ready trading system. It shows the trader when to open and close a trade. It works on all currency pairs and all time frames. Very easy to use and does not require additional indicators for its operation. Even a beginner trader can start working with XPointer. But it will also be useful for professional traders to confirm the opening of orders. Features of the XPointer indicator It does not redraw its values. It works on all currency pairs and all time frames. It has a
        147 USD
        Otros productos de este autor
        Close All Orders EA
        Emir Revolledo
        CLOSE ALL ORDERS EA is a simple Expert Advisor which helps you to close your trades at certain risk and returns. There are three ways to close your trades with this EA. 1) Amount based, 2) equity based and 3) percentage based. Kindly use this first on a demo account before using it on live account to avoid unwanted close trades. *Note: This EA is only for closing trades, not for entering trades. Parameters Remove Expert After Close - remove your EA after profit is hit. EDIT_PROFIT_PROPERTIES
        14.99 USD
        Risk and Reward Manager
        Emir Revolledo
        This is EA is made to manage your Risk and Amount Management. It has also the capability to manage your trades specifically per Currency and for Overall trades basis. Trades may be closed on an EQUITY, PROFIT, PIPS AND PERCENT on a Pair and Overall Basis. It has also the capability to Trail Stop Based on Percent, Amount, Equity or Pips on A Per Symbol or Per All Trade Basis. This is a friendly user EA that will also show your wrong input on parameters that will disable certain parameters to prev
        19.99 USD
        All Currency Strength Meter Crypto Exotic Metals
        Emir Revolledo
        Think of the rarest pair you can think of. And I assure you that this indicator can compute it's strength. This Currency Meter will literally calculate any currency pairs, either it is the Major Pairs, Metals, CFD's, Commodities, Crypto Currency like Bitcoin/BTC or Ethereum/ETH and even stocks. Just name it and you will get it! There is no currency pair this Currency Meter can solve. No matter how rare or exotic is that currency, it will always be solved by this Currency meter which on a real-ti
        40 USD
        Moving Average Currency Strength Meter
        Emir Revolledo
        Before reading the description of this indicator, I just want to introduce to you following concept * MOVING AVERAGE LINE - Typical moving average which is based on one chart alone. * CURRENCY STRENGTH LINE - The moving average of a certain pair in which the strength is based on 28 pairs. Can be said as the REAL MOVING AVERAGE LINE. Moving Average indeed is one of the most popular indicator which almost every trader use. It can clearly give us where the trend of a pair is going. But the fact s
        120 USD
        True Currency Strength Meter
        Emir Revolledo
        True Currency Meter with Email and SMS push notifications! Have you ever wondered why would some pairs would move more than others, and 100 pips on EURGBP is bigger than 100 pips on EURUSD? And during the news, some would move 200 pips but some would only move 150 pips? This is the key to the newly developed "28 pairs" True Currency Strength Meter. One has to know that all pairs are UNIQUE and are DIFFERENT from each other. "GBP" and "JPY" pairs usually move so fast, but other pairs don't. This
        30 USD
        Infinite Currency Strength Meter All Pairs MT5
        Emir Revolledo
        Think of the rarest pair you can think of. And I assure you that this indicator can compute it is strength. This Currency Meter will literally calculate any currency pairs, either it is a major pair, metal, CFD, commodity, cryptocurrency like Bitcoin/BTC or Ethereum/ETH and even stocks. Just name it and you will get it! There is no currency pair this Currency Meter cannot solve. No matter how rare or exotic is that currency, it will always be solved by this Currency meter on a real-time basis. S
        39.99 USD
        Isaac Davis
        Isaac Davis 2020.05.19 08:19 

        What a great indicator, mixing MACD with Currency Strength Meter.

        Signals are really good. Thanks for sharing

        Forex Trader
        Forex Trader 2020.05.26 00:20 

        Very good and very promising! Good Dashboard. Thank you for sharing.

        Eva Lee
        Eva Lee 2020.05.29 02:18 

        High accuracy. A well-deserved 5 star

        Elliot Williams
        Elliot Williams 2020.06.06 20:04 

        Highly recommended

        raiinzen 2020.06.17 04:54 

        This indicator is actually quite accurate. I have been testing it along with my channel trading strategy that I've been working on for awhile, and it's working nicely with it. Also, thank you Emir for giving us the option to remove the Table of currency pairs to the left. That opens up the window so I can do my analysis. Greatly appreciate it! Looking forward to using it.

        Joel Bautista
        Joel Bautista 2020.07.07 23:37 

        Excellent indicator! Good signals and easy to use

        LindseyPeck 2020.07.17 23:05 

        User-friendly indicator. Very Good signals. A must buy indicator with high rate of success! 150-200pips gain is very possible.

        Briar Amberly
        Briar Amberly 2020.07.23 19:50 

        I am not a pro trader and been losing into trading for years now. And this is the first time I made around 600pips in less than a week, all thanks to MACD CSM. It made my trading so much easier! Very good indicator. Thanks a lot Emir!

        Taras Rozovsky
        Taras Rozovsky 2020.08.01 02:24 

        отличный индикатор! настоятельно рекомендуется

        EDGARS BARTULANS 2020.08.12 14:29 

        Nice Job ! 10 Stars !

        Billy Kaiser
        Billy Kaiser 2020.09.01 15:42 

        Awesome indicator! Definitely NOT a REPAINT! Just like other indicators, you have to wait for the candle to close before you get a confirmed signal. I only use H1 and H4 to enter a trade. Today, I just made 140pips on GBPJPY alone. Well-deserved 5 star!

        Tobias Drescher
        Tobias Drescher 2020.09.28 04:32 

        Very good indicator. Best decision i ever did is buying it. No doubt, it will make your trading so easy.

        Irfan 2020.09.29 16:47 

        My big thank to Emir. This is an excellent Indi. Make sure that u take a good signal with higher TF in agreement. Emir is very helpful he even added TF alert on recent update on my request. 5 out of 5

        turky7713 2020.09.30 09:56 


        Stephen Stenberg
        Stephen Stenberg 2020.09.10 23:10 

        Very good indicator. I recommend it! Good job

        Update on my review:

        Yesterday, October 1, 2020. I just took a trade on GBPNZD. an hour later I am positive by 120 pips already. It's really good indicator. I wonder how it managed to detect those kind of signals. I Highly Recommend!

        DengTv gaming
        DengTv gaming 2020.10.12 17:45 

        Very good indicator parekoy

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