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If you want to create or develop your own cryptocurrency app that pays you for each download by other users directly to your wallet without stress. It is upgradable, fast, secure and reliable with maximum security codes. There is also a free coding tutorial session and web developer options. Contact me now for your development lessons. 
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Forex Ultra 500 - 1000 USD
Hi I would like an I.T person to make an indicator that's shows a red and green level on chart then an indicator that turns the trend lines into a wave that travels between those two levels and must trade both levels
I have a trading system made up of 4 indicators that I want to turn into EA. The arrow indicator for buy and sell repaints a little so needs to be fixed before EA is built. I don't have the source code. Developer can make the EA with similar logic if possible
I have an MT4 indicator that i want a developer to create an EA to automatically trade off the arrow up and arrow down signals. If the arrow points up EA must automatically enter buy signal and if the arrow points down, EA must create sell signal. Stop loss should be right above the arrow if the arrow is pointing down (which is for a sell signal).Stop loss should be directly under the arrow if the arrow is facing up
I want to Develop a PAMM SOFTWARE for MT5 Terminal. The system enables Money Managers to: Access incoming request pool for efficient risk and Investor funds management. Money manager can trade multiple accounts with 1 click Money manager can automate performance fees billing Fully compatible with Finstek’s MT4 Bridge Flexible trade allocation types: By lot size By equity By balance
I want a developer to create an EA based on a trend based MT4 indicator. The developer must convert the indicator to be MT 5 suitable and then insert into the EA. The indicator generates buy and sell arrow signals based on the trend of the market. The EA must follow the directions of the arrow to open and close trades
I need an exert advisor that trades by signals of Double Dojis, on a 70- tick chart, and an exponential moving average indicator . It must check and correctly process possible errors in trading operations. It must calculate lot sizes according to a percentage of the account balance. It must begin and end trading at specified times during the week. It must check the account balance prior to the beginning of trading

Project information

30 - 200 USD
For the developer
27 - 180 USD
to 15 day(s)