TDNN or Other Topology - NN Library

2020.06.02 Experts Libraries


A neural network library for use in an MT5  EA. ( Only C , C++ or MQL5.)

Number of Hidden Layers, number of inputs, number of Outputs can be specified from the main EA. 

(Input and Output values will be in the standard range of -1 to 1. )

It will accept an array of inputs from the main EA.

Possible to instantiate more than one neural net in the main EA .

Main sequence for using the library will be:

a) instantiation

b) Taking In Inputs

c) Training, OR Loading-pretrained Weights

d) Computing Outputs.

Let's discuss in more detail.  Thanks.

Project information

30 - 100 USD
For the developer
27 - 90 USD
from 1 to 20 day(s)