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How Does the EA work with SL & TP

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fakinsupa2 2015.12.23 04:23 

Can someone tell me how this subscription to signals work please. I have subscribed to "Fundamentals Only" and been entered into about 8 trades with some trades being long and short for the same currency (EUR/USD). It has also entered me into multiple long trades also with the same currency (USD/JPY), however no SL or TP has been applied to any of the trades. So how are these trades managed, do I need to apply my own SL & TP or will the provider close the trades? I have noticed on what I would call the home page for the provider it does show under trading tab the current trades and does show some TP & SP targets but not for every trade. So do I take these and enter them manually?

Many thanks for any advice. 

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