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This indicator throws Buy/Sell signals upon breaking levels: This custom indicator waits the price to reach specific zones and the custom indicator takes decisions for buying or selling. Author: Joe Chalhoub
MACD Signals for MetaTrader 5: Indicator edition for new platform. Author: Андрей
ChartPlusChart: The program allows you to compare quotes of any two MetaTrader brokerage firms. Author: Pavel
ytg_Day_candle: The indicator shows the ranges of price movement during different trade sessions. Author: IURII TOKMAN
DeleteByName: Clears the chart of all objects with the name beginning on the specified prefix Author: Денис Орлов
  Experts: ComFracti (18   1 2)
ComFracti: Fractals + owersold/overbouth levels . Optymizable:) Author: Mich
WPRSI_signal: Signals beginning buy (sales). Intersection indicators WPR and RSI. Author: gumgum
TimeZone Indicator: Indicator to display timezone for all active forex markets. Author: Arif E. Nugroho
GetPaneHeights: This function calculates the heights in pixel of all panes in a window. Author: kartz
HistoryTraning (NEW VERSION): The adviser allows you to try manual trading on the historical date (NEW VERSION / BUGS CORRECTED / NEW FUNCTIONS ADDED) Author: Pavel
Adaptive RSI: Adaptive RSI indicator Author: Walter
VHF (Vertical Horizontal Filter): Вертикальный горизонтальный фильтр (VHF) показывает, в какой фазе находится рынок: в фазе направленного движения или застоя. Author: LeMan
Trading Simulator: The program-simulator for sharpening strategy, run of indicators and trainings of trading skills in general. Author: Денис Орлов
Custom indicator based on Heiken Ashi and aimed to handle swing trades : This indicator uses Heiken Ashi method to enable traders to keep their trades the maximum time. Author: Joe Chalhoub
Indicator to real time get news on Graph: With this indicator you can check data mining news from while analysis a symbol Graph. Author: Rogerio Figurelli
  Experts: HistoryTraning (15   1 2)
HistoryTraning: The adviser allows you to try manual trading on the historical date Author: Pavel
Figurelli Series Indicator: Calculates multiple moving averages trend Author: Rogerio Figurelli
Figurelli Pivot: This indicator calculates Figurelli pivot points, that uses Bulls/Bears influence Author: Rogerio Figurelli
LeManChanel (Канал ЛеМана): Индикатор показывает возможные границы и направление бара с заглядыванием на один бар вперед. Author: LeMan
KAMA: Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average Author: Walter
TMAGi: an oscillator based on 3MAs. Author: kur
  Experts: RUBBERBANDS_3 EA (23   1 2 3)
RUBBERBANDS_3 EA: This EA is intended to be less prone to big drawdowns than former RUBBERBANDS EA and RUBBERBANDS_2 EA. Awaiting for your comments and suggestions for improvement. Author: StJojo
Xma_Coloured: Color version of the XMA indicator. Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
Double-Zero Indicator: Visualizes important psychological levels ("Double-Zeros"). Author: schnappi
  Experts: Forex SKY (17   1 2)
Forex SKY: This Expert Advisor uses MACD Logic. It is Working fine. Yes Daily 10 Pips or 10$ you may get. !!! HAPPY TRADING !!! Author: SIVAKUMAR
REI (Range Expansion Index) DeMark: The REI (Range Expansion Index) indicator by Thomas DeMark. The usage of the indicator is described in "The New Science of Technical Analysis" by Thomas R. DeMark. Author: LeMan
  Indicators: XMA (22   1 2 3)
XMA: This Moving Average indicator has digital filter to detect trend and flat states of the market. Author: Rustamzhan Salidzhanov
You can use a lot of combination of indicators in this EA: With this EA, you can make any combination with indicators, you chose what do you want and make your own strategy Author: Rafael Maia de Amorim
Post my EA Auto_RXD for your comment and improvement: After wrote many EAs of many strategies, I think maybe this one has more potential, I post it here to you for testing and verifing, wish you can find and reply bugs or improvements. Author: Robbie Ruan
iCCI_Revercy v1.4: Предсказание цен пересечения графика CCI с заданным уровнем FindCCI. Author: Evgeniy Trofimov