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CloseAllBuySell: The script closes all opened Buy and Sell positions in the active window. Author: Андрей
StopLossMove: The script moves the StopLoss at the Distance from the market. Author: Андрей
Open SELL: The script opens a SELL position with the specified part of the FreeMargin. Author: Андрей
Ergodic Oscillator: Indicator Ergodic Oscillator. Author: Collector
iStochTxt: The iStochTxt indicator draws the Buy and Sell arrows on the main chart. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
New article Idleness is the Stimulus to Progress, or How to Work with Graphics Interacively has been published: An indicator for interactive working with trend lines, Fibo levels, icons manually imposed on a chart. It allows you to draw the colored zones of Fibo levels, shows the moments of the...
EMA Trend: Indicator EMA_Trend Indicator. Author: Collector
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risk: Somebody wrote on the forum: "Lots reserve - does anybody have somthing like this?" I answer yes. The EA determines it. Author: Victor Chebotariov
Aroon Horn: Indicator Aroon Horn. Author: Collector
TakeProfitMove: The script moves the TakeProfit by the Distance from the market. Author: Андрей
New article Changing the External Parameters of MQL4 Programs without Restarting has been published: The article describes a method of changing the external parameters of MQL4 programs on-the-fly, without restarting. Everybody who had ever launched an EA or an indicator for execution, faced the...
GordagoElder: Indicator GordagoElder. Author: John Smith
SteelBlue: Indicator WolfWave. It is written on the basis of the ZigZag. Author: John Smith
WolfWave.: Indicator WolfWave. The code contains a fragmentary description. Author: John Smith
Dema: Indicator Dema. Double exponential moving average. Author: John Smith
Sgmar: Indicator Sgmar. Author: John Smith
New article Drawing Horizontal Break-Through Levels Using Fractals has been published: The article describes creation of an indicator that would display the support/resistance levels using up/down fractals. In the first instance, the fractal levels can be useful while moving the StopLoss level...
Coppock: Indicator Coppock. The indicator is developed on the basis of three movings with the user-defined parameters. Author: John Smith
Spyker: Indicator Spyker. Author: John Smith
MAMACD: MACD and averages. A co-developing. Author: Юрий
iTrend: The iTrend indicator determines the beginning and the end of the trend. Author: Collector
ObjectSquare: A function for calculation of the area of three objects: a rectangle, ellipse or a triangle. Author: Nazariy Stapyak
TII_RLH: Indicator TII_RLH. Author: John Smith
Gideon's_ATR: Indicator Gideons_ATR. Author: John Smith
Monitor rynku: The indicator shows in a special terminal window the current symbol, the Bid/Ask rates, and the current SWAP for position LONG/SHORT, as well as floating SPREAD for a distant symbol... Lets see... Pokazuje w osobnym okienku aktualny instrument, Kursy Bi Author: Piotr
New article Individual Psychology of a Trader has been published: A portrait of a traders behavior on the financial market. Authors own menu from the book "Как играть и выигрывать на бирже" ("How to speculate on stock exchange and win") by A. Elder. Author: Belokrylov Vladimir
ASCTrend1sig: Indicator ASCTrend1sig. Author: Collector
High Low (ZigZag): Indicator High_Low (ZigZag). Author: Collector
New article Expert Advisors Based on Popular Trading Systems and Alchemy of Trading Robot Optimization (Cont.) has been published: In this article, the author gives an example Expert Advisor meeting the requirements stated in the Rules of the Automated Trading Championship 2008 Thus, MetaQuotes...
CCI Woodies: Two CCI indicators with different periods in a single subwindow. Author: Collector