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MACD Alert ea: alerts the user if the macd is above 0.0006 on 5m or below -0.0006 on 5m Author: ross
Class CalcFrac - Number of bars before and after the current High / Low (calculated fractal): Calculates fractals and lets you specify the number of bars separately before and after the current High / Low (fractal). Author: Alexander P.
Vortex Oscillator System: A trading system based on the Vortex Oscillator. Author: Neil
Vortex Indicator System: A trading system based on the Trading Idea presented in the article "The Vortex Indicator" published in the January 2010 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. Author: Neil
Vortex Oscillator: An oscillator version of the Vortex Indicator Author: Neil
Vortex Indicator: This indicator appears in the January 2010 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities. Author: Neil
Channel ZZ: A brand-new version of Channel ZZ indicator Author: Андрей
Williams’ Percent Range (%R): Williams’ Percent Range technical indicator (%R) is a dynamic technical indicator, which determines whether the market is overbought/oversold. Williams’ %R is very similar to Stochastic Oscillator. The only difference is that %R has an upside down scale and the...
Volumes: The Volumes indicator shows volumes with different colors depending on the volume changes. The Indicator bars have two colors - green and red. The green color means that volume of the current bar is higher than volume of the previous bar. The red color, contrary, means that volume is...
Standard Deviation (StdDev): Technical indicator named Standard Deviation (StdDev) measures the market volatility. This indicator charactrizes the scale of price changes relating to the Moving Average. Thus, if the indicator value is large, the market is volatile and the bars prices are rather...
NettoTrading: The script allows to use MetaTrader4 as netting platform. It has some advantages compared with MetaTrader5. Author: getch
ColorCandlesDaily: The ColorCandlesDaily indicator draws candles with different colors depending on the day of the week. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Market Facilitation Index (BW MFI): Market Facilitation Index technical indicator (BW MFI) is the indicator which shows the change of price for one tick. Absolute values of the indicator do not mean anything as they are, only indicator changes have sense. Bill Williams emphasizes the...
Gator Oscillator: The Gator Oscillator is based on the Alligator and shows the degree of convergence/divergence of the Balance Lines (Smoothed Moving Average). Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
Осцилятор на упрощённом алгоритме перцептрона: Две версии индикатора на упрощённом алгоритме перцептрона Author: ALN
SuperMultiChart: The universal multi-chart of the currencies, with the changed list of currencies, a range of display, the period and position in a window. Author: Денис Орлов
Expertoscope: It saves the current expert parameters for all the experts attached to charts. Author: Alexander
Williams_Ind: The moved panel with the indicators of B.Williams, for strategy Trading chaos. It shows a direction of indicators AO, AC, and MACD. Author: Денис Орлов
Happy New Year: Happy New Year 2010 Author: IURII TOKMAN
BackToFuture: The indicator Back to the Future draws forthcoming bars in a tester, in advance... Author: Денис Орлов
squeak oscillator: a stochastic_oscillator based indicator. Author: kur
JS.Levels: It shows support and resistance levels Author: JS_Sergey
ReverseSymbol: It allows to work with reversed symbols (for example USDGBP) Author: getch
Three Combo Indicator: It combines two emas, rsi and adx to give you buy or sell signals. Author: jay
Jay Digital Parabolic Spy Indicator: Displays info about the SAR in relation to the selected candles on four different timeframes. Author: jay
ArrayVirtualOrders: Library for virtual trading. Author: Андрей
Object Delete: The script deletes objects from the chart. Author: znoy
Sig_CCI: Its based on the simple CCI, it plots arrows for sell and buy signals on the chart. Author: Федор
ChartPlusChartV3: Program for logging of non-market quotations from brokerage companies with MetaTrader platform. ADDED: Added ability to run your own script automatically in case of non-market quotations have place. Author: Pavel
Average Stocastic indicator for several timeframes: It shows Stochastics for several timeframes in a single chart, also it calculates the average value. Author: Vladimir Khlystov