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MSLEA - Expert Advisor using Market Structure High/Low: Expert Advisor trading with Local High/Local Low (msl/msh) Author: Thomas Quester
AggZ: AggZ is a composite trend and mean-reversion indicator. Author: Walter
FantailVMA: The indicator is a combination of Moving Average and Average True Range indicators. It shows trend movements. Author: bobsley
Multicurrency OnTickMarketWatch tick event handler: The standard OnTick() handler allows to receive the ticks for only one symbol. For multicurrency experts you need the ticks for several symbols. In some cases it's necessary to recieve the ticks for all symbols from"Market Watch" window. The...
OrderManager: You can adjust SL/TP by dragging the lines drawn by the EA. Author: zzuegg
Kolier_SuperTrend_Indi: Indicator for detect trends of the market. For trend following usage. Author: KoliEr Li
ChartReinit: Chart reinitialization with recalculation of all chart indicators. The Expert Advisor adds a button to the bottom right corner of each chart. After press of the button it reinitializes all charts of the chart symbol. The chart reinitialization is implemented by termporary change of...
New article Simulink: a Guide for the Developers of Expert Advisors is published: I am not a professional programmer. And thus, the principle of "going from the simple to the complex" is of primary importance to me when I am working on trading system development. What exactly is simple for me?...
Doda-Trend: Shows whether the market is trending or range-bound. Must to note before opening any position. Author: gopal krishan doda
Emilio's Trend Line Breakout Alerter: The Alerter simply works on 1 or 2 trendlines and plays a sound file when the trendline has been broken so the only think you must do is name correctly the trendlines. Author: emiliostefano
STP-Entry Framework Daily V1: Stop-Orders are used to enter a position. Pending orders and postions are handled based on a daily system. Risk and money management are included as well as time and dayfilters. The entry logik (STP-value calculation) can be easily changed. Author: cheftrader
VivaLasVegas: Betting Strategies Simulator Author: zzuegg
Wilder's Volaility System: Wilders Volaility System Author: Walter
New article Designing and implementing new GUI widgets based on CChartObject class is published: After I wrote a previous article on semi-automatic Expert Advisor with GUI interface it turned out that it would be desirable to enhance interface with some new functionalities for more complex...
Metatrader shortcuts extensions (Emilio Shortcuts) :): with some shortcuts i can operate with multiple objects very quickly, this script change the size, the color of line Author: emiliostefano
  Experts: DVD Level (100-50 cent)  (46   1 2 3 4 5)
DVD Level (100-50 cent): Powered by level equal to a whole cents (1.38 1.39 1.40 etc.) Author: Denis Denisov
Emilio Super Bands: This bands Are used by me for the calculation of the stop loss for a breakout entry and for indicate 2 things: the expected volatility and the trailing stop Author: emiliostefano
Perceptron With 5 indcators: Using Perceptron, Automatic Learning. It had profit in the operation indicated that the NN's purchase earn a fat kid in the decision and indicated that the sale lose weight. It had a loss, the NN's that showed a purchase lost more weight in the decision and indicated...
MAM_Crossover: The Crossover Moving Average Mirror user, completed with Sound Alert. Author: andy tjatur
dailyTrendReversal_D1: Underlyings for this EA are the daily opening (o1), the daily high (h1) and the daily low (l1). The distances from each other in a maximum of 3 steps form the filter base, which is confirmed by the CCI. Author: Hans
Fibonacci for visual and coding use: Whether you use Fibonacci for visual trading or for automated trading, this Fibonacci will handle it. Works across multiple timeframes and pairs. Author: Larry
  Experts: X bug  (6)
X bug: Opens orders using moving average crosses. Author: Tonny Obare
CIniFile class: This class provides methods for working with Windows *.ini files. It has a standard interface with simple methods. Using the library: Copy the IniFile.mqh file to the MQ5\Include\ folder.Declare the CIniFil class instance in the code (don't forget to add the #include <IniFile...
Adaptive Moving Average with Bollinger Bands ®: The indicator shows the trend and allows to see a price range. It based on Adaptive Moving Average (AMA) and Bollinger Bands ® (BB) indicators. Author: Roman Romanenko
  Experts: pSAR bug 4  (17   1 2)
pSAR bug 4: Opens and closes orders using parabolic SAR signals now with improved features. Author: Tonny Obare
i-OrdersMQL5: The indicator shows deals history on the chart. All chart objects are clickable. The colors can be customized in input parameters of the indicator. Author: Kosta
s-LastPinkEventDate: Since build 344 of the client terminal display of economic calendar news using special graphical objects (OBJ_EVENT) is added. A script that outputs as a demonstration of the Economic Calendar with current economic data, the date of the last major(Pink) event. Author:...
An Expert Advisor template: This code has been used by Valery Mazurenko (notused) as a template of the Expert Advisor for Automated Trading Championship 2010. You can use this file as a template for your Expert Advisor. Add your trading logic to compile it. Author: Валерий
error EA but with run with profit!: an EA , run with a profit this is Error EA in error, so you can correct the EA, But no use EA Author: Lam K
SDL_MAM: Upgraded version of Slope Direction Line. Author: andy tjatur