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AudioPrice Revision 1: Have audio output of latest price in stereo! Revised to cater for fractional pips as now offered by some brokers to MT4. Author: Edward Hirsch
A Sample: Lot size adjusting: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
A Sample: Lot size computing: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
A Sample: Chart metrics: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
Drag & drop scripts to modify all orders of a currency: You pick the script and drag it on a charts point. Then it uses this point to modify all stop/take profit levels of the charts currency. Author: Joao Rosas
A Sample: Tick counter: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
A System: Championship 2008 Revised Edit: Automatic Trading System Author: Airat Safin
Indicators Based on the MUV Described by Sator: The MUV indicator created by Sator is used. Author: svm-d
Percenter.mqh - Calculator-Script: The script is the calculator of the simple, complex, nominal and continuously charged percents. Author: Nazariy Stapyak
Standard OsMA indicator: Standard OsMA indicator with the indication of the possible trade signals. Author: IURII TOKMAN
ind_HotKeys_v1: An example of automatic running of the script when the timeframe or symbol is changed. Author: Dmitry Fedoseev
Strategy of Regularities of Exchange Rates: Two orders are placed at the specific time. Author: Юрий
Smoothed RSI indicator: Smoothed RSI indicator with the sound signalling of crossing the level 50. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Pivots_Test: We place the pending orders at the support and resistance levels. Author: Maksim Zerkalov
Lot_Volume: The automatic calculation of the lot size from the specified percent of free assests. Author: Andrey
Normalizer: A "cover" for the normalization of the indicator values. Author: Алексей Субботин
Traders Dynamic Index with Visual and Audible Alerts: I added audible alerts so that when a strong buy or strong sell signal it can generate alerts when the "SoundOn" input variable is set to true. Author: Lawrence Pingree
Lagrange's Interpolation Polynomial: The application of Lagranges interpolation polynomial at FOREX. Author: Oleksandr
LotsRisk: The calculation of the amount of lots considering the possible loss. The maximum loss volume is specified in percents of the initial balance. Author: Alexander
mysqlerror.mqh: A library of MySQL 5.0 error codes If you use a connection to the MySQL database in your EA, indicator or script and it doesnt work or something goes wrong then this library will allow you to find out what error is returned by the MySQL database. Author: Nefedov Kirill
MTS "Neural network + MACD": A variation on the Neuro nets topic: The trading system based on the interaction of the MACD indicator and a double-layer neuro net. Author: Henadiy E. Batohov
EA Based on Trend Follower: The EA is based on the "Trend Follower" strategy. Author: Юрий
Will-Spread: Larry Williams indicator. It considers the influence of the secondary market on the trading market. Author: Profitrader
Indicator Raznost2: The indicator shows the difference between Open[0] and Close[1]. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Expert MACD EURUSD 1 Hour: This expert this one based on the indicator MACD. It works very well in the period of 1 hour. In a test(proof) of 36 months it(he,she) has a profit of 935 % (25 monthly %). Author: Gabriel
YZCHMC_V1 Indicator of Grouped Motion: This indicator is intended for the trading with the huge enough amount of symbols but it is not necessarily. The indicator calculates the percentage of growth of every symbol from the beginning of the day by a group of symbols, its not a secret that the...
Median: The indicator shows the average between the maximum and the minimum price within a time range. Author: John Smith
TrendLinearReg: How a trend changes? How to determine a flat? ... etc. This indicator will help to answer these questions. Author: Watashi
Chande QStick v1: Indicator QStick represents a simple n-period moving average for the difference of the close and open prices. Author: John Smith
ChandelierStops_v1: A modified verion of the Chande & Krolls Stop indicator. The author consider that the ChandelierStops_v1 is very similar to it and look better than the Chande & Krolls Stop. Author: John Smith