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ytg_ObjectsDeleteAll: Scripts deletes all objects from the diagram. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Fractals_Price: The indicator of price levels fractals. Author: IURII TOKMAN
  Experts: ytg_2MA_4Level. (16   1 2)
ytg_2MA_4Level.: Trade at levels МА. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Trend Indicator: This indicator is used to show the trend of the 30 min charts. You can then apply your Long Strategy when the market is UP and Short Strategy when the market is DOWN. Author: InvestMoneyLab
Bollinger Bandwidth: An investigation of the Bollinger band has shown that when the bandwidth (distance between the top and bottom bands) is below 4, the market is compressed and about to break out. When the bandwidth reaches 11, there is a strong wave for scalp trading. Be Author: Larry
Indicator Strength: Basic indicator that displays the strength of a move, based either on either moving averages, MACD, or stochastics. Author: Desmond ORegan
Customized Buy Sell Close v2 -- Now in one script : Its version 2 of Customized Buy and sell v1 .... Author: ardiansyah
  Experts: AIS4 Trade Machine (23   1 2 3)
AIS4 Trade Machine: Trade machine for manual trading with automatic risk management and "SuperTrainer" mode Author: Airat Safin
USDx: For all they need some "play" for visualing the USDx. Use for testing only, not finished and free of errors yet. Author: rv
New article Recipes for Neuronets has been published: The article is intended for beginners in baking "multi-layered" cakes. Not so long ago - at the dawn of technical analysis when by far not all traders had computers - people appeared that tried to predict future prices using formulas and...
StDev-AVG indicator: This indicator shows the moving average (simple or exponential) of the Standard Deviation. Author: Gordon Gekko
GG01 and GG01-101 indicator: This indicator gives you Buy or Sell signal. Author: Gordon Gekko
AIS3 Trading Robot Template: 100% ready for trading strategy integration Author: Airat Safin
A Sample: Value to points conversion: Code sample Author: Airat Safin
New article Fallacies, Part 2. Statistics Is a Pseudo-Science, or a Chronicle of Nosediving Bread And Butter has been published: Numerous attempts to apply statistical methods to the objective reality, i.e. to financial series, crash when met with the nonstationarity of processes, "fat tails" of...
GLFX expert advisor: The GLFX is a automated trading system with a integrated automatic optimalization. Author: Tomas
AlliHeik: The EA uses for primary signal the Heiken Smoothed indicator. The Alligators Jaw MA follows as a trend stop indicator. Author: josef strauss
MAx Trade Set needed: EA Author: Sam
Point & Figure indicator: This indicator paints Point & Figure chart. Author: miisujapolla
New article Program Folder of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal has been published: The article describes the contents of the program folder of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal. The article will be useful for those who have already started to grasp into the details of the client terminal operation. In this...
Cut Off: Cut Off All trade , But keep the queue Trade Author: Lam K
SVOS Multi-Indicator EA: Uses several indicators and candle patterns plus assesses trending or ranging market Author: Brian Dee - Random Trader
New article Visual Testing of the Profitability of Indicators and Alerts has been published: What indicator of trading alerts or just the methods of their calculating to use is usually decided when testing EAs using these alerts. However, it is not always possible/necessary/reasonable to write an...
RSI+MA: RSI with MA and Label value/phase indicator Author: Luca
Mabel_Timeframes: This indicator uses five different indicators from 6 different timeframes to give a signal. It is best used when the major timeframe signals agree with the lower timeframe signal except when scalping. Author: olufikayo olowoyo
SR Lines by MTF Stochastic Cross: This indicator shows some Support/Resistance lines. Author: kur
Parabolic_standart2: A standard indicator - Parabolic. It doesnt make the errors when working together with the same second indicator located on the same chart. It works correctly in optimizer. Everything has become possible in virtue of the principal reprocessing of the in Author: Victor...
Indicator of Peak Price Values: The indicator of peak price values. Author: IURII TOKMAN
StohColored, StohDivergence: The divergences of the Stochastic, the continuation of the divergences topic. Author: Алексей
BO: Oscillator. Author: Андрей