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Huge Income: Start balance 10000$, trade on eur/usd ,Daily timeframe, only short Author: christopher
Slope Rsi MTF Expert: Enjoy this simple Expert Advisor Author: lbranjord
HML Rainbow: The High, Median, Low of every timeframe in MT4, 24 lines of varying colors, showing the highs lows and median based on price behaviors. Author: Larry
i-ImpulseSystem: The indicator is based on the Elder's Impluse system. It plots candles with different colors, depending on the OsMa (12,26,9) and Moving Average (EMA 13) indicators: If OsMa and EMA grows up, the candle color is green;If OsMa and EMA falls down, the candle color is red;For all...
DinapoliTargets: This is MQL5 version of DinapoliTargets indicator. The ZigZag indicator is added to the chart. It plots several horizontal lines after determination of the local peak/bottom. The white line is the entry point, the remained lines are targets, the first target is the most probable....
Relative Strength Index of Volatility: The Relative Strength Index, applied to standard deviation of price. It's a simple indicator allows to measure the volatility. It can be applied to determine flat zones by analysis of the Bollinger Bands narrowing and expanding. Author: Руслан
Syntax checker Revision 1: Check a MetaQuotes Language 4 program for basic syntax errors like unbalanced braces, parentheses, brackets,.sin.... Author: Edward Hirsch
  Indicators: Nik_PSAR_2B (24   1 2 3)
Nik_PSAR_2B: Parabolic SAR for current TF and 3 next TFs with Alert. This indicator made by request of maks741 and with help of Nikolay. Author: Leonid Basis
  Experts: earlyBird3 (33   1 2 3 4)
earlyBird3: early Range, Break with RSI-Filter, Hedging, TrailingSL/TP with Vola-Filter, DayTrading Start- and Endtime, autoClosing, all Comments and Alerts. Author: Hans
earlyBird1: early Range, Break with RSI-Filter, Hedging, TrailingSL/TP with Vola-Filter, DayTrading Start- and Endtime, autoClosing, all Comments and Alerts. Author: Hans
Dual_Trix_Upgrade2: New version of Dual Trix indicator. The Dual Trix indicator with dual magnified Values in the Chart and in the Indicator window. Author: q_import
Kolier Market Sessions Indicator: KMSI is short for Kolier Market Sessions Indicator. It can be use to check time periods of market sessions. Author: KoliEr Li
Syntax checker: Check a MetaQuotes Language 4 program for basic syntax errors like unbalanced braces, parentheses, brackets,.single and double quote, and multi line comment symbol pairs. Author: Edward Hirsch
New article Drawing Indicator's Emissions in MQL5 is published: In this article, we will consider the emission of indicators - a new approach to the market research. The calculation of emission is based on the intersection of different indicators: more and more points with different colors and...
Heat Map MultiColor: The purpose of this indicator is to highlight the price zones that had the most activity : the hottest zones. Author: mt-coder
Rich quickly with the lowest DD: Use this Ea with an extreme attention, i got this amazing result searching to optimise setting several days. Work the best on Eur/Usd timeframe M5 long&short Author: christopher
Free Fuzzy Logic Library functions: The Fuzzy Logic - is a modern science, used in many fields, for example, it has military applications. Now it's available for the traders. Why Fuzzy Logic? There are some systems, easily can be solved by human, but it's difficult to program these systems. In such...
MACD_Not_So_Simple: EA for EURUSD, H4 Author: Leonid Basis
Heiken Ashi On Adaptive Moving Average: This is the Heiken Ashi indicator, based on the averaged Open, High, Low and Close prices, averaged using the Adaptive Moving Average. The input parameters are the same as for AMA. Author: extern.fx
Random ZigZaG: Random ZigZaG Author: Lam K
An Expert Advisor - Index Moving Average: This Expert Advisor implements the trading strategy, based on the Index Moving Average (IMA) indicator, its money management system dependent on the specified risk and loss size. The daily bars are used for trading. The signals checks when the new bar is...
A highly profitable Ea: This Ea operate the best setting on a daily time frame Author: christopher
Index Moving Average: The indicator shows the rate of change of simple moving average. The direction of the indicator is the same with direction of daily bars. The local extremums of the indicator corresponds to the reverse points of the local trend. The indicator is advancing, it shows the rate...
Second Easiest: Works with open, high, and low prices of the current day. Author: George
New article How to Write an Indicator on the Basis of Another Indicator is published: In MQL5 you can write an indicator both from a scratch and on the basis of another already existing indicator, in-built in the client terminal or a custom one. And here you also have two ways - to improve an...
Modified Brooky Strength Indicator: Displays the stength of a currency based on 7 of its crosses. Origianally done by Brooky a few pages back in the code base. Author: Abhas Patel
Dual Trix 15 and 30: Dual Trix Indicator: 2 Moving Averages with different periods. Author: q_import
Simple Trend Detector: Simple Trend Detector. Use the same as RSI and DeM. Author: Vladislav Eremeev
New article Testing Performance of Moving Averages Calculation in MQL5 is published: A number of indicators have appeared since the time of first Moving Average indicator creation. Many of them use the similar smoothing methods, but the performances of different moving averages algorithms have not...
AutoMagiCal: Auto Magic Nr. Calc The Magic Nr. per ASC II Code from Symbols Author: Thomas