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chaos 2.0: A signal indicator based on the signal from AO and AC - the changing of the hystogram color. Author: Чина
MTrendLine alert: It is a simple indicator that consists of four trend lines that show the distance between the trend line and the price via the numbers and that give the signals when the price goes for the specified number of points. Author: Nikita
Indicator Sidus v.2: The indicator draws the arrows at the intersection of the MA and the RSI of the 50 level. Author: Oleg
A Good EA by Paraboliс and Fibo Lines: A scalper by parabolic and Fibonacci. Author: Юрий
HP Extrapolator: Индикатор использует НЧ фильтр Ходрика-Прескота для предсказания будущих цен Author: Vladimir
ZI_File_Functions_Full_Lib: A package of libraries with the file functions for working without the limitations in any directories. Author: Vadim Zhunko
Simple Indicator that Shows MA Moving Direction on All Timeframes Simultaneously: The different colored snippets of MA are shown on the current chart depending on the direction of the MA moving at on the chosen timeframes, or theyre not drawn at all if the moving on the chosen timeframes is...
MF_BreakDown_Flat: Indicator of the morning flat. Author: John Smith
ExpertClor_v01: It closes an order by the intersection of two MAs (5 and 7 on default). Read the full description... Author: John Smith
Customized Buy Sell: Buy Sell Customized With RefreshRates and Lots Manager Author: ardiansyah
Period_Converter_MN: An indicator that allows to see the "larger" periods (for example, half-yearly or yearly). Author: John Smith
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PROphet : A practical EA for the intraday trading from 10:00 till 19:00. It works well on 5M EURUSD. The expected payoff is 40..60 pips per week on the forward testing. Author: Борис
MA Reverse: A simple EA. It plays in the opposite direction on the specified difference between Bid and MA. It is considerably risky but it has own advantage. Author: Константин Гранд
Keltner_Chanel: The indicator of the Keltners channel. Author: Aleksandr Pak
Standard ADX Indicator with Time Frame Setting: A standard ADX indicator with time frame setting. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Multy_MA: An indicator of group moving. It shows the difference between two MAs in a separate window. Author: John Smith
Volatility Indicator: Judging by the code of indicator, it calculates the difference between the maximum maximums and minimum minimums of prices of the candlesticks for the last 20 bars (parameter). The result is displayed in points. Author: John Smith
Burg Extrapolator: The EA uses the method of Burgs linear prediction that was taken from my indicator Extrapolator.mq4. Author: Vladimir
Ryan_Jones_SM: It shows where to buy and where to sell via the arrows. If a trend occurs then it will bring profit, if there is no trend, there will be no profit. Author: John Smith
MultiNeyro: The algorithm of tuning (optimization) by two ranges with the two-level three-stage optimization is used in the EA. Author: Николай
MiniVirtualAccount: Running an EA in a virtual account Author: Russell
Backbone: The EA is based on the permanent variation of the direction of the trades depending on the TakeProfit, StopLoss and TrailingStop levels. It demonstrates how to create a profitable trading system without any indicators, mathematical models and other wisdom Author: Vladimir
OsMA. OsMA Divergence: Colored ОsМА, and ОsМА that shows the divergences. Author: Алексей
STik: Another indicator that shows the tick chart, it would be useful for the pipsers. It has some features. Author: semen
RSIColored_v1, DivPeakTroughRSI_SW: The divergence of RSI, the continuation of the divergence topic. Author: Алексей
StopATR_auto: It arranges the stop levels depending on the price and ATR. Author: John Smith
MultiOrders: The script for simultaneous placing of several orders by different symbols. Author: John Smith
X-Pair: The indicator has the informative character. Author: John Smith
MTrendLine is Very Convenient Autoregulator of Pendings in Reference to the Trend Lines: You often have to move the pending order every hour in reference to the trend line and it embarasses you concerning your time. Thats why this EA (semi-automated) was developed, it totally relieves from tracking...
21hour: We place two pending orders at the specified time and delete one of them when another one triggers. Author: Maksim Zerkalov