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Channel ZigZag: A version of a ZZ for channels. The width of the channel is set in its properties. Author: Андрей
Autocorrelation Function: Autocorrelation function Author: Prival
SSL: Indicator SSl. Author: John Smith
CycleIdentifier: Indicator CycleIdentifier. Author: John Smith
New article All about Automated Trading Championship: Registration has been published: This article comprises useful materials that will help you learn more about the procedure of registration for participation in the Automated Trading Championship. Author: MetaQuotes Software Corp.
SSL_channel_chart_alert: Indicator SSL_channel_chart_alert. Author: John Smith
Ma_Parabolic_Alert_2: Indicator Parabolic with a signal. Author: John Smith
MA_Dash_Cobra: Indicator MA_Dash_Cobra. Author: John Smith
|| "BROTHER - By Rainbow On Trend High Extreme Results" EA || 5 minute manual system || : This is not automatic system. This is fully manual system. To nie jest system automatyczny. Ten system jest w pełni manualny. Author: Piotr
One Side Gaussian indicators, corrected and supplemented: One Side Gaussian indicators, corrected and supplemented Author: Андрей
VQ bars: Indicator VQ bars. Author: John Smith
MacdPatternTraderAll - a profitable EA.: An implementation of all patterns FOREX MACD 4H strategy in one EA. Author: Юрий
MACD with crossing: Indicator MACD with crossing. Author: John Smith
FiboPiv_Daily_DK: The indicator FiboPiv_Daily_DK. Author: Bartek
Corelation: The indicator is intended for searching the correlations between different symbols. It allows to overlay one chart with another to visually detect how do different symbols correlate between each other. Author: Borys
Kanal_Ant: The indicator of MA-channel allows to analyse the dynamics of the price by using the technique of A_Vlad (, the gist of it is the line of balance LB acts as the attraction of price when there is no external influence. Author: Виктор Александрович
OzFx Signals v1.7: The indicator OzFx Signals v1.7. Author: John Smith
The implementation of MACD pattern "Prodolzheniye trenda" ("Trend continuation"). Excellent results.: The pattern of trend continuation. By the FOREX MACD H4 strategy. Author: Юрий
sell zone fibs: The indicator "sell zone fibs". Author: John Smith
Orders management: The library contains the functions that ease the writing of EAs. Author: Andrey Khatimlianskii
DayBorders. The borders of the previous calendar day for the trading by Larry Williams.: The script automates the drawing of time lines of opening/closing of a calendar day and the price lines of opening/closing of the days. Author: Aleksandr Pak
Trand: An indicator to discover the trend/flat and fallacious technical data. Author: Victor Chebotariov
LRMA BB: A moving average calculated according to the method of the linear regression and complemented buy the Bollinger bands. Author: Alexandre
AllAverages_v1: The AllAverages_v1 indicator. Author: John Smith
Pipsover: A pipser. Author: Yury Reshetov
Hystogram of levels: The indicator displays the statistics of maximums and minimums in the form of a hystogram located to the left of the chart in the chart window. Author: Харитонов А.В.
CCI CustomCandles: The CCI CustomCandles indicator. Author: John Smith
Rads MACD: The Rads MACD indicator. Author: John Smith
AutoDayFibs: Automatically draws Fibonacci Retracement lines from yesterdays range, or todays range. Author: Jason Robinson
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Trix EA: This expert is based on the Trix indicator created by raff1410 Author: bobby