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wajdyss_V_Lines_indicator_v1: Indicator for draw line observed by the timing of certain (hour & minute of choice) Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_Comparison_indicator_v1: Indicator for show a percentage Conform to the current currency with another currency Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_Candle_Length_indicator_v1: Indicator for Show the length of the candle Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_H_L_C_indicator_v2: for show High & Low & Close Author: Wajdi MURAD
SVS_Trend_v2: PowerTrend V.2 Author: Vadim
a very simple ea help you test your strategy: a practice ea, create a horizontal line above the close to buy , below to sell. after position opened. create a new horizontal line to modify the stop loss and take profit. create a vertical line to close the position. Author: yongbin yu
FRASMAv2: Fractally adaptive Simple MA, as the first FRAMA but modified to get the fractal dimension from FGDI, and possibility to shift the MA Author: Jean-Philippe Poton
wajdyss_ADX_Indicator_V1: This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell, its Depends on ADX Indicator Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_SSL_channel_chart_alert_indicator_v2: This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell , its Depends on SSL channel chart Indicator Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_MA_indicator_v2: This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell , its Depends on 2 Moving Averages Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_Candles_Length_indicator_v1: To show the difference between (the High and Low) or between (the opening and closing) by choosing Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_RSI_indicator_v1: This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell, its Depends on RSI Indicator Author: Wajdi MURAD
wajdyss_3MA_Indicator_V1: This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell, its Depends on Cross 3 Moving Averages Author: Wajdi MURAD
New article Effective Averaging Algorithms with Minimal Lag: Use in Indicators and Expert Advisors has been published: The article describes custom averaging functions of higher quality developed by the author: JJMASeries(), JurXSeries(), JLiteSeries(), ParMASeries(), LRMASeries(), T3Series() and...
Fractal Graph Dimension Indicator (FGDI): A rework of a script by iliko, with the addition of the standard deviation of the estimator of the box-counting dimension Author: Jean-Philippe Poton
wajdyss_T3_indicator_v3: This indicator for draw an Arrows for buy & sell , its Depends on T3 Indicator Author: Wajdi MURAD
Stochasic Chaikin's Volatility: This is stochasticzation of Chaikins Volatility Author: Giampiero Raschetti
ytg_ObjectsDeleteAll: Scripts deletes all objects from the diagram. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Fractals_Price: The indicator of price levels fractals. Author: IURII TOKMAN
  Experts: ytg_2MA_4Level. (16   1 2)
ytg_2MA_4Level.: Trade at levels МА. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Trend Indicator: This indicator is used to show the trend of the 30 min charts. You can then apply your Long Strategy when the market is UP and Short Strategy when the market is DOWN. Author: InvestMoneyLab
Bollinger Bandwidth: An investigation of the Bollinger band has shown that when the bandwidth (distance between the top and bottom bands) is below 4, the market is compressed and about to break out. When the bandwidth reaches 11, there is a strong wave for scalp trading. Be Author: Larry
Indicator Strength: Basic indicator that displays the strength of a move, based either on either moving averages, MACD, or stochastics. Author: Desmond ORegan
Customized Buy Sell Close v2 -- Now in one script : Its version 2 of Customized Buy and sell v1 .... Author: ardiansyah
  Experts: AIS4 Trade Machine (23   1 2 3)
AIS4 Trade Machine: Trade machine for manual trading with automatic risk management and "SuperTrainer" mode Author: Airat Safin
USDx: For all they need some "play" for visualing the USDx. Use for testing only, not finished and free of errors yet. Author: rv
New article Recipes for Neuronets has been published: The article is intended for beginners in baking "multi-layered" cakes. Not so long ago - at the dawn of technical analysis when by far not all traders had computers - people appeared that tried to predict future prices using formulas and...
StDev-AVG indicator: This indicator shows the moving average (simple or exponential) of the Standard Deviation. Author: Gordon Gekko
GG01 and GG01-101 indicator: This indicator gives you Buy or Sell signal. Author: Gordon Gekko
AIS3 Trading Robot Template: 100% ready for trading strategy integration Author: Airat Safin