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EA: ytg_Speed_MA_ea: The adviser uses the indicator Moving Average. Author: IURII TOKMAN
Average Change: Average Change Indicator Author: mt-coder
sH Bulls n Bears: This indicator shows both powers of the Bull and Bear, the market volume excluded. Author: mt-coder
Close-Low: Close-Low indicator by mt-coder Author: mt-coder
H Bulls n Bears: This indicator trys to indentify the dominanting power in the market. Author: mt-coder
Simple Volume: This indicator shows the interaction between price open and the periods volume. Author: mt-coder
ChannelBalance: This indicator is based upon the Channels indicator. It calculates, percentagewise, whether price action is towards the top or bottom of the channel. Author: Shon Shampain
Channels: This indicator calculates the high / low channel that price action has been moving in, for a given currency pair and a given (parameter) number of candles. This indicator, on the one hand, is interesting because it allows you to see the "road" that price Author: Shon Shampain
BB_Support_Up: Bollinger Bands on the current TimeFrame and from next three "Up" Author: Leonid Basis
MA_monika_SAR: 2 indicators(MA_Support and Para_B) in 1. TimeFrame from M1 to H4. Author: Leonid Basis
BB_Support: Bollinger Bands on M1 from major TimeFrames Author: Leonid Basis
EA_MA_Email: A simple EA that sends e-mail alert whenever there is moving average crossover Author: victor
Minute Overlay Indicator for Sub Window: The indicator will draw vertical lines every hour or any minute that you desire within the hour as long as a candle closes on that minute over the top of other indicators in the sub window. Author: marc weedbrook
MA_Support_SAR: Two indicators MA_Support and Para_B Author: Leonid Basis
RSI Band: The RSI indicator, applied to Moving Average Author: Leonid Basis
True Range Bands: My version of the famous indicator Author: Leonid Basis
a simple RKD Expert advisor based on a specified custom RKD indicator: This is a simple Expert Advisor that uses custom RKD indicator. The code describes how a specified custom RKD indicator can be used in MetaTrader 5 Expert Advisor. The better results for EUR/USD, GBPUSD - 30mins, 1H and 2H...
Price Change Indicator: A simple indicator that shows the price change, in pips, per candle. Author: Shon Shampain
Para_B: Parabolic SAR on the M1 from all Time Frames Author: Leonid Basis
DollarIndex: A volume-adjusted reading of the net flow of USD as measured by all 7 major currency pairs. Author: Shon Shampain
mslmsh - Market structure low/high: This indicator looks at local high/lows. It connects the points and finds where a local high and low appears many times. Depending on how many times a local high/low appears, it draws colored lines into the chart. Author: Thomas Quester
Good EA but needs FridayClose to perform better: I got this EA from a friend. It is based on the previous days open and close price, but I would want it to close all trade on friday at a certain time. Author: ChuQ Dennis
MA_Support: All Moving Average on the M1 Time Frame Author: Leonid Basis
FSC EA + SDL EA: Forex Second Chance EA is a modification of Moving Average Convergence Divergence EA. Here, I have included "TrendShift" to the parameters and it is doing good. Author: ChuQ Dennis
Export historical data: The script purpose is to export historical rates data to format, convenient for analysis in external programs. The output file contain the historical price data (bars) of the specified month in the following form: DoubleToString(rates[i].time,0), // number of seconds...
New article Research of Statistical Recurrences of Candle Directions has been published: Is it possible to predict the behavior of the market for a short upcoming interval of time, based on the recurring tendencies of candle directions, at specific times throughout the day? That is, If such an...
Candles Ratio: The indicator displays the ratio of lengths of the bodies last N candles Author: Vladimir Khlystov
Trinity-Impulse: Zero values characterizes the Flat Trend. V-shaped pulse indicates the entrance to the opposite direction. U-shaped ilpuls - entry in the same direction. Author: Leonid Basis
Higher timeframe candles on your chart: This indicator allows you to draw candles of an higher timeframe on your chart. Example: Draw H1 candles on your M1 chart. Author: Julien