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Selling programs to traders effectively does not only require writing an efficient and useful product and then publishing it on the Market. It is vital to provide a comprehensive, detailed description and good illustrations. A quality logo and correct screenshots are equally as important as the "true coding". Bear in mind a simple formula: no downloads = no sales.

Tips for an Effective Product Presentation on the Market

MetaTrader Market is the largest store of applications for automated trading. It is the very place where developers of trading robots and technical indicators can receive a well deserved reward for their hard work. It is difficult to overestimate the role of a logo, description and screenshots in the success of publishing a product on the Market. If the application has a poor design, potential buyers will simply ignore it. A significant part of purchases takes place because the product logos on the Market showcase are eye catching. A logo has to be appealing for the potential buyer to want to download it. That is why the right design is crucial for success.

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