Discussion of article "Tips for an Effective Product Presentation on the Market" - page 2

Claude Beaudoin  
Good article and highlights the importance of creating (or contracting a professional to create) an eye catching EA logo.  Thanks.
Eduard Culka  
Nelson Maranan:
When I insert a logo in MetaTrader 4 Experts, I always received an error on "Invalid Image". The image size is 200 x 131 with PNG format. How can I fix it? Thanks! 
it has to be in 200 x 200 pixels ..THIS IS ONLY SIZE POSSIBLE TO USE
Alexey Varlamov  
Here nice information, but that's not enough for selling!

Very interesting article . Good work. Thanks

Great value on this article. Thank you for sharing the ideas.
Lorenz Vauck  
640x480? Seriously? Welcome to 1994, LOL!