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Gia Bach
Gia Bach  

i think the system can be error.

Any Moderator can help us please

Sergey Golubev
Sergey Golubev  
Gia Bach:

i think the system can be error.

Any Moderator can help us please

As fas as I understand (if I am wrong so sorry) - the system is fully automated one; means: no any moderator is involved.
Besides, I see that the people are registering as seller (so the system works).

Only you can do is to try once again (and try to find the error you are making for example).

Lydia Bruhin
Lydia Bruhin  
I've been trying to upload photos with the QR code for days - none is accepted. Sure 15 photos. I wrote to the moderator, but he just linked me to this forum. The QR code has to be behind me, right? Or should I print this out and hold it in front of my chest? No idea what else I can do.
Apostolos Petrakis
Apostolos Petrakis  
I have exactly the same issues and there is no help. Only references to this forum. Any advice?
Jia Peng Fan
Jia Peng Fan  


(When rejecting a submitted photo, it would be nice if the system could tell you which one doesn't match.)


(I went to the photo studio to take a photo of my driving license and the photo of myself holding a two-dimensional code (which I took in front of my chest after being printed), but I still failed to apply. White flower I 100 yuan.)


(I hear it's a matter of luck to pass)


(I submitted two new photos without any modification)


(Omnipotent moderator helps me pass)


Majid Bayrami  
Friends! Somebody who has confirmed his account, if it is possible to post with the photo here so that others can see it
Atakan Baykal
Atakan Baykal  


The following issue  on that fact i want to say anything  about it:

When Denied the sellerman approviation is yours,  its all about the QR Coded Picture and Identify Card to be not Clearly added @ the main page.

Then we take picture again and again. Its probably our mistake to adding QR Coded Photo exactly to page.

I guess there is an understanding about how to make Photo with QR code. And i don't know it's how can we take a picture with it.

Let's read the topic.

Best regards.

Khairi Hatib
Khairi Hatib  

so i guess im not the only 1 here facing the same problem..

is there alternative way of approval to become seller?

Andrey Lyulyaev
Andrey Lyulyaev  
Hello! Is there an example of a photo with a QR code? And then I take photos of everyone either.
Jefferson Metha
Jefferson Metha  
Massimo Petranzan:

Just for your knowledge hoping this help who as the same problem.

Once I have uploaded the photo of my document near the QR code the seller page changed and clearer explanation is displayed:


Take two photos on your phone and upload them below

1. A photo of one of the following documents:
  • Passport (the main data page)
  • ID card or identity certificate
  • Driver's license
The document photo should meet the following requirements:
  • The document should be positioned in front of the camera, any angular distortions must be avoided
  • Take a photo right before uploading, old photos are not accepted
  • Scanned copies are not accepted
  • Photos must be in color
  • Resolution: no less than 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • Photos should be clear; a text should be legible and easy to read
  • Photos must not be edited by image-processing software
  • A document should occupy more than 50% of the photo area
  • All edges of a document should be visible
  • The document must be valid at the time of sending the photo
  • If the document's validity period is specified on a reverse side or another page, provide an additional photo with the document validity period

Take a photo of your document on a smartphone or digital camera and upload it to Document photo.

2.  Your photo with a QR code in the background:

  1. Click "Open QR Code"
  2. Position yourself with your back against the monitor, so that the QR code appears in the background
  3. Look at the camera and take a selfie, or ask anyone to take your photo with the QR code
  4. Your full face and the QR code must be clearly visible in the photo
  5. Photos with a hat, sunglasses and any other objects hiding the face are not allowed.
  6. Upload the photo using the link Upload photo with the QR code
The uploaded Document photo and Photo with the QR code will be compared. If differences in the photos are detected, your application will be automatically rejected.

Some of us our Identity documents are old and the moderator is rejecting them Isnt there like a system like the Skrill verification 

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