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And one last quick note

There are so many ways to filter signals like these.. but

its up to personal choice and testing.

For many traders it won't hurt to put on the flattrand

with this system because it certainly can help reduce some whipsaw

trades even further.. ie it shows the macd agrees

or not with the trade as well..

I personally don't see the purpose in using some

"easy" macd like 3 7 9 or 4 8 9, or such as these

because they dont really filter much. If you want to filter

you want to have the macd high enough it wont say yes

to the weakest mini trends and so long that you only

can catch the biggest trends... but also too high

and you risk catching more plays that are in trends that are

exhausted before you get in.. ie balance. LOL

I would say personally test settings such as these

8 17 9

5 35 5

12 26 9

8 13 21

6 13 9

And sure you could use two different, especially

during testing to see which you like best in the

real world. But this indicator is simple and certainly

goes along with the ff bars type of mentality.

Test it out and see how it works for your trading



Just one more..

I just wanted to post a picture showing what I am saying. I like when everything lines up and something else, ie a trigger occurs at the same time, giving you a reason for a move in the direction.

I just modified the Leo 5min Trend Rider system and put these on as filters

instead for example.

Hope it helps someone


For this on the ff bars I used

cci 4 4 4 4 and time frames 5 15 30 and 60

as you can see on the first one and cci 4 7 14 21

with 15 min tf for all on the second.

I used the 6 13 9 and 5 35 5 macd settings for the

flattrand and I put on the RSI filter I like. I used the

15 min 8 rsi with the 55 buy and 45 sell level, avoiding the

dangerous nowhere zone in the middle. That indicator

also is attached.

And the arrows are the ema cross from Leo's system

the 5/8 cross giving the impetus and alert to check

if things line up and reason for things to move in

our direction when they do.

All the best...


Hi Suk,

In your description of the system above you talk about " 4 different time-frames" but you have only listed 3 -the 5M, 15M and the 30M. Did you mean the 60M in place of the 30M which you have listed twice? Is there a need to have all 4 charts open at once on a platform to allow the system to give valid entry signals?

Let me explain with a very simple example:

As has already been mentioned countless times, MTF indicator values are subject to alter until each timeframe is complete. Now, many years ago I had a Sinclair QL which came with SuperBASIC and this programming language used arrays to store data. These arrays could be initialised as multi-dimensional arrays storing several value per array. For example: DIM times_table(12,12)

To change the value of the array one only needs to specify what part of the array is to hold it.

Suppose then we have a chart and we needed to store the opening price of each of the last 500 bars. For this we would set up an array and name it chart_bar(500) and store the value of the opening price in each element:

chart_bar(1)=1.2927, chart_bar(2)=1.2935 etc.

Suppose then we wanted to store the value of both the opening price and closing price of each bar. For this we would need to change our array to a mutli-dimensional array with a second element ie: chart_bar(500,1). This would give us storage for 500 elements in two dimensions allowing us to store the values:-

chart_bar(1,0) = 1.2927, chart_bar(1,1) = 1.2935

chart_bar(2,0) = 1.2935, chart_bar(2,1) = 1.2943 etc

By adding a dimension to the array we are able to store more data variables and reference (or plot) each value as it ocurred.


This brings me to the idea that storing values in a multi-dimensional array for a 1 hour bar based on whether price has been above or below the opening price level. If MQL has a multi-dimensional array function then such a graphic could be displayed, could it not? This would remove the apparent deception seen when using MTF indicators in a backtest.


Italians who follow this strategy?

For exchange opinions.....

Mi piacerebbe scambire opinioni con qualche italiano che segue questa strategia .




Excited Newb Needs Help Please

I read thru most all of the pages in this thread and tried the indicators last night.

For the 1st time in weeks I came close to doing well and I'm very thankful for the help here.

But I'm confused and need to know I have it right:

I've seen multiple Forex Freedom indicators and parameters and indicators to use inconjunction with it as this thread evolved.

So please, please:

It seems the best version of this indicator is the NRP (no re-paint). ??

Can you tell me the inputs I need to use to trade solely onthe 5M chart?

Also, if you could include a zip file with other indicators to work in conjunction with this one I will be ever grateful.

If you are feeling especially giving - an updated summary of how to use this system would help many like myself confused by the huge array of info in this thread.

I was about to give up and this thread gave me hope.

Thanks for your time and kind generosity!


Order filled do you have msn by any chance? If so, could you add me to either that or skype my adress is above your post. I have never used mt4 before. For 3 hours i tried to install the mq4 files follwing 3 different sets of instructions on the net and had no success. When someone posts the latest files used for this system, it would be great if you explain how i can get them working in metatrader. The signals from what i have read come from the cci bars at the bottom of the page. All blue=buy and all red=sell. I think thats about it. Feel free to correct me if im wrong.


Hi A-Game,

I just opened up C:/ProgramFile/MetaTrader-MB Trading/experts/indicators

and pasted the indicators in there - no problem.

Your MT4 program may be different than "MetaTrader-MB Trading" though.

That's just Who I'm usin.

Other than that I'm dumb as a stump and hoping for info as well.