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There never was a guarantee. There is no such thing in forex. This system was built off an indicator that repaints. It never had any merit to begin with as far as I'm concerned. It was another system that looked pretty when you looked back, but repainted in forward testing.

I dont know if you have actually used the system but it extremely profitable. If you have used the system and are not having success then you are obviously not using it correctly. I suggest reading the entire thread again, i have now read it three times and found all the answers i needed. Good luck...

hi all here

this is a very nice thread,

i m so interested in this system, i'v been moving from 1 system to another and i found this 1 is so cool,

i read all the posts, i think things is getting so coufuseing right now,

all guys here use different seting for FFB and also too many versions

so could we get this system straight from the experinced guys here to suggest one version of FFB and to tell us the best settings of it,

i'm using 5,15,30,60 with original cci 34,34,14,14

and 5,5,5,5 with same cci settings with the other filters like BS filter and XO

DM continuation like all here,

what i mean to united the settings the most accurate settings for FFB and which is the best version i use combination of V2 which is FX freedom bars and the original one posted in the first post.

that's coz the thread became so crowded with many opinions and thoughts

thnx for all the efforts here,

Hi cableguy. I have now used three different freedom bars and have not noticed much difference at all. I had them running on the same chart for a while by accident and didnt notice anything different. The original cci settings were supposed to be 2,2,2,2. I am not sure why the indi download had the settings 34,34,14,14 but i have always used 2,2,2,2 as described and they work perfectly. The main thing i have noticed with this system is it is best used when trading in the direction of the trend say over the last 125 bars or so? Open positions once the current candle has closed and trade in the direction of the overall trend and you will most definately make pips. I have been trading this system live for about 3 weeks now and im averaging 50-100 pips each day with very minimal losses. Im not familiar with the other indis you described but as always no indicator should be used on its own so look for others that support the freedom bars and you will feel more comfortable making trades. Having said that, the freedom bars are about as close as i have ever come to finding an indi i would use entirely on its own and we should all be thanking suk1000k for sharing this wonderful system. Thanks suk!!!! Good luck cableguy and remember, persistence and screen time will teach you all you need to know my friend...


Can someone create an indicator


First of all, I would like to welcome the people of the forum here, and apologies to the bad English language.

Actually, would require two versions of this indicator:)

The first version:

A good if indicator would be the appearance of `ForexFreedomBars` and MTF (4 tf).

Indicator works very simply.If we sell, the previous candle's highest peak is the turning point, so far the indicator shows red, when the turning point is passed, the blue will show, if the price comes back- red will show again. The beginning of the next candle, the previous candle highest peak, is the next turning point.

When the candle is closed and the closing point is above the previous candle highest peak, we will start to buy, so, in this case, close candle lowest peak is the turning point.

This version of the current candle repaint.

This is a good scalping indicator.

Another version:

This version is the same as the previous system, however, than the previous candle's highest peak has been exceeded then the color does not change. indicator show us the data of the previous candle, so, it is not repaint even current candle, not even the MTF.

Hammer continue the same path, no matter where the closing point is.

How i can send pictures here ? In Posting Rules say: You may not post attachments.

I am very grateful if someone can be code on the two versions of the indicators.


Pete Jones
Pete Jones  

Hi guys, this indicator looks interesting so I downloaded it and put into the indicator folder of MT.

But how to use?? Where are the signals and how to see?

I saw from past screenshots of the threadstarter on his charts, I see a vertical red line through a candle. Is this the signal?

On my charts, i can't see this



Help needed to add alert to cci indicator

I have attached a woodies/cci styled indicator which i use in my trading.

I would like if some kind and generous programmers on this forum could help by adding an alert to the indicator so that it signals when all 4 time frames change to the same colour.

A box alert with bells and whistles and also a vetical line through the signal bar.

As usual i will be eternally grateful and pay with moral support, addulation and beer if you ever happen to be in my part of town.


Pete Jones
Pete Jones  

Is this a wind up, where is the red line alert??


The red line is a support line manually drawn by the poster. Its not part of the indicator. The freedom bars are the indicator.Blue=buy and red=sell. Wait for candle close for confirmation and trade in the direction of the trend. Great indicator good luck


Exit Strategy?

Hi sounds like another great system for entering the trades in direction of the current trend ...

Couple questions to those who claim to make money using it :

1) Still the biggest problem remains when is the best time to exit? Given that it repaints do we just grab certain pips each trade or whats the deal?

2) Isn't this system based on Products robot or ,if i'm wrong, is the robot based on this system


Is there a EA use this indicator? Thx

Hi everyone. Thanks again to suk1000k for this wonderful sytem and also everyon else for your continual development. I am having great success. Watching the M1 for confirmation is extremely useful. I am using 2 macd's and 1 stochastic. Settings are as follows. Macd-5-35-5.Macd-6-13-9.Stochastic-5-3-3. All indies provided by someone earleir in this thread. Thank you they are working very well

Hi A-Game,

When u say "great success" what do u mean ? Will you be kind enough to let me know the win % that you are experiencing ?

I haven't tried this indi as yet but would like to.