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Metatrader shortcuts extensions (Emilio Shortcuts) :) - script for MetaTrader 4

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2010.11.17 08:29
2016.11.22 07:32
IdleLib.dll (60 KB)
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Emilio Reale is a trader that uses MT4 and other platforms. It uses IdleLib.dll downloadable in the libraries section of codebase (included for semplicity).

A brief intro:

With this script it is very easy to change objects with some useful keyboard shortcuts. Normally I draw lot of objects in the charts and have some trouble recognizing them so:

  • this script change the size of the trend lines
  • this script change the size of the horizontal lines
  • this script change the size of the vertical lines
  • this script is able to exclude some objects from processing
  • this script print the market info
  • this scrips draw automatically expansion objects from a particular line (line name _exp)
  • if the line _exp is not drawn correctly this script exchange the direction of the line
  • this script delete of a line of a particular type very quickly
  • this script measure distances (swing) drawing a simple line (line name _lp)
  • this scrptt contains it's own help
  • to EXIT the script press the letter "X"
  • this script changes colors of lines
  • this script cycle colors of lines
  • this script shortcuts the screenshot saving
I use a script shortcut (alt s) to activate the script automattically in MT4 and I use the fuction select objects with single mouse click to accellerate the selection of the objects.

keys (1 - 5) changes the size of the trendlines

key (d) delete all line types

key (t) changes type of objects to work on (trendlines, vertical lines, horizontal lines)

key (e) draw from the line named _exp a fibo expansion object

key (w) convert the expansion object back to a line

key (o) delete all objects

key (s) work on object selected and deselected ( I use the prefix _ tho identify objects)

key (?) prints help

key (p) prints the distance of a particular line wich name is _lp (used to calculate targets and stop loss)

key (s) save a screenshot


help screen

change color and size

prints out the distance of the line _lp

_exp to to draw expansion object

expansion object drawn

backconversion expansion in line (key w)

... and more feel free to investigate by yourself :)


Place the dll file in the experts\libraries directory

Place the mq4 file in the experts\script directory

Unfortunatly MT4 does not have a function to identify by code so I must use two kind of lines name the names beginning with an "_ " underscore and the normal name this workaround permits the code to work on some objects or not (key S) selected objects are without the _ prefix


you can follow me on twitter @emiliostefano or find me on facebook as Emilio Reale.

Feel yourself free to vote, comment, improve and ask infos.


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