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2010.11.03 17:04

X bug - expert for MetaTrader 4

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X_bug.mq4 (16.65 KB)view (481.65 KB)

Opens orders using moving average crosses. The below chart is from 1/1/2010 to 2/11/2010 on eurusd. For the complete strategy tester report check the attached zip file.

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pSAR bug 4 pSAR bug 4

Opens and closes orders using parabolic SAR signals now with improved features.

error EA but with run with profit! error EA but with run with profit!

an EA , run with a profit this is Error EA in error, so you can correct the EA, But no use EA

Fibonacci for visual and coding use Fibonacci for visual and coding use

Whether you use Fibonacci for visual trading or for automated trading, this Fibonacci will handle it. Works across multiple timeframes and pairs.

dailyTrendReversal_D1 dailyTrendReversal_D1

Underlyings for this EA are the daily opening (o1), the daily high (h1) and the daily low (l1). The distances from each other in a maximum of 3 steps form the filter base, which is confirmed by the CCI.