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2016.11.22 07:32
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The indicator plots the Bollinger Bands ®, filled with different colors depending on the trend direction.

If the price crosses the upper bound (upward trend), the Bollinger Bands fills with blue color, if it crosses the lower bound (downward trend), the Bands filled with pink color.

If the price crosses the middle line, it's considered as a flat, and the Bands filled with grey color.

iBBFill (Filled Bollinger Bands) indicator

Input parameters:

  • BBPeriod - Bollinger Bands period;
  • BBDeviation - Bollinger Bands width (in deviations);
  • BBPrice - Bollinger Bands applied price.

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Original code:

iMovment iMovment

The indicator plots the candles with different colors depending on the trend direction and price movement.

PivotPoint PivotPoint

This indicator draws pivot points, resistances and supports.

XmlParser XmlParser

A simple XML-parser, based on the msxml library.

ZeroLag MACD ZeroLag MACD

The ZeroLag MACD indicator shows the histogram with color of the previous bar.